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credit: Jackie Sterna

credit: Jackie Sterna

Let’s not just make content. Let’s make valuable content. Let’s not just create experiences. Let’s create meaningful experiences. Let’s not just start a brand. Let’s start an intentional brand.

We (as in all of us, including you) understand that consumers today digest a lot, a lot of content (of all forms). But because of the overwhelming accessibility we have to various types of content on various types of platforms, consumers - now more than ever - can instinct when it’s purposeless, unoriginal, misspoken, exhausted, appropriated.

We have to understand that consumers are our neighbors, our friends, our family, ourselves.

So, how do we truly reach and impact the consumer (a.k.a. each other)? By creating consciously, mindfully.

Yes, we specialize in project management, event planning, and brand development. But more importantly, we specialize in being different by being different ourselves.

The agency is rooted with the values that collaboration makes us better, community brings us closer, and culture (awareness) is essential. We don’t strive to be these values, we embody them.

It all starts with the person(s) behind the project, behind the experience, behind the brand.

Jocelyn, the founder behind this agency, gained this awareness through her own diverse array of professional and personal experiences. An agency this important didn’t exist, and she knew she was the one to create it.


the founder - Jocelyn


Jocelyn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is passionate about creating valuable content and meaningful experiences. All her projects and involvements have rooted from the desire to cultivate the resources and the spaces (to connect) that she never had/couldn’t find.

In early 2014, she created a blog (the blog you find on this site) to serve as a platform to hold space for all her content ideas. After interning as a writer/editor with HipHop DX later that Summer, she returned to Arizona and began planning her first (charity) event, “The Elements” - which shortly led to the current annual Tucson Hip Hop Festival, co-founded with her good friend. In addition, she helped create an internship between DX and her college made available for students to follow.

In 2015, Jocelyn graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Global Studies (concentration: Human Rights, Justice and Social Movements) and two minors: French (completing the study in Paris), and Hip-Hop Cultures. The University also awarded her the “Spirit of Excellence” of her class.

At least five years (deep) in the game and counting, Jocelyn the “experience designer,” the architect, the visionary decided to create this agency. Her diverse experiences not only led to her current understanding but also led to her extensive (nationwide) network of creative professionals.

With Jocelyn, ideas become possible, cool things become cooler, and concepts see completion. No project is too small or too big. If (for some reason) she’s not the one to make it happen, she’s that someone that knows someone.

*Honorable mention: Jocelyn was raised on the Arizona/Sonora border. By working with Jocelyn, you support: women of color, people of color, latinx, female business owners/founders, first-gen students, kids of immigrants, immigrants, and all that align with these “categories.”


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personal accolades


2018 Girlboss Rally Gamechanger, 2019 Community Advisor


2018 Women of Influence, Arts & Culture Champion


Spirit of Excellence Award Recipient


2017 Best Local Festival