The Agency


WITH JOCELYN is an intentional creative agency with a focus on experiential projects.


The agency specializes in…

project management, event planning, and brand development. We work with brands/organizations, artists/influencers.


select clients & collaborators


Jocelyn is focused, hardworking, and relentlessly positive. Never have I worked with someone who consistently makes those around her markedly better.

— Justin Hunte, EMPIRE

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"I'm on a mission to inspire millions via the power of conversation and experience. We all have a story to tell or an idea to pursue, whether as an individual or brand collective. It's my passion to help share that in a way that is uniquely influential."

- Jocelyn Valencia, Founder


To deliver the best, WITH JOCELYN has the ability to scale the (nationwide) team up or down as needed.


Let’s not…

just make content. Let’s make valuable content. Let’s not just create experiences. Let’s create meaningful experiences. Let’s not just start a brand. Let’s start an intentional brand.

Our values are rooted in community, collaboration, and culture.