Delicious Insight IIII

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enkryptdelicious (5).png

Delicious Insight IIII


You ever just want to eat a delicious slice of pizza and hear the honest truth about somebody’s come-up in the industry at the same time? Us too. So here you have it: Delicious Insight. A chill, intimate event featuring a conversation with somebody in the industry. And up next in this series we have photographer Enkrypt Los Angeles!

This is a zero-intimidation zone. Arrive ego-less and hungry.

Get ready to chill, vibe, eat, connect, and hear some honest conversation (panel discussion style). And yes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions!

Date: Monday, December 17

Time: 7PM

Location: Delicious Vinyl on Sunset Blvd

RSVP: $10

This event is produced by withJOCELYN

Flyer designed by Jocelyn Valencia

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