Delicious Insight II

Delicious Insight II


You ever just want to eat a delicious slice of pizza and hear the honest truth about somebody’s come-up in the industry at the same time? Us too. So here you have it: Delicious Insight. A chill, intimate event featuring a conversation with somebody in the industry. And up next in this series we have Francisco Reyes Jr., dope artist/graphic designer, and Founder of streetwear brand NEVER MADE!

This is a zero-intimidation zone. Arrive ego-less and hungry.

Get ready to chill, vibe, eat, connect, and hear some honest conversation (panel discussion style).

You will also have the opportunity to SHOP NEVER MADE at the event. So be ready to leave with some new swag.

Date: Thursday, September 20th

Time: 7PM-9PM

Location: Delicious Vinyl on Sunset Blvd

RSVP: $10

This event is produced by JRECOGNIZE

Flyer designed by Maxwell Gay

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