Rolling Loud Miami Fifth Year Anniversary Installation

Concepts, Project and Production Management, Creative Direction: Jocelyn Valencia

Featured Graphic Designer Collaborators: India Nabarro and DyAnna Moreno

Artist Assistant: Cassandra Jolie

Installation Assistant: Fabiola Pierre

All images taken by Josh Gonzales. Recap and compilation video’s filmed and edited by Josh Gonzales.

The full squad pictured above. Not pictured is the man behind the camera, Josh Gonzales.

In this aspect of the installation, we asked Rolling Loud’s social followers to submit their favorite Rolling Loud memory from the past five years and turned their memories into a mural. Select submissions were turned into posters, allowing attendees to go down Rolling Loud memory lane. This mural was in collaboration with DyAnna Moreno.

RL-MIA19-Day01-8 (1).jpg

“Snap. Tag. Print.” Our official hashtag for the entire installation was #5YEARSWITHRL. Attendees who posted on socials using our hashtag had their post(s) turned into photo prints! Snap a photo, upload to socials using our hashtag, and snag your print for memorabilia.


The official Rolling Loud statement, “Build something in 5 years that will be remembered for a lifetime.” Statement wall in collaboration with India Nabarro (pictured above).


In collaboration with graphic designer India Nabarro, we featured all of Rolling Loud’s flyers from the past five years on its own mural. On this same mural, attendees were encouraged to reflect on their own five year goals/what they’d tell their future selves by writing it down on a sticker and sticking it on this mural. If Rolling Loud could accomplish all this in five years, what could you do in the next five? They had two sticker designs to choose from. We took this activation further by compiling some of the attendees goals on film, watch below.