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What to Keep in Mind When Submitting an Artist Application to Perform

Last week we began the process of going through every single artist submission for the Tucson Hip Hop Festival. After going through a couple hundred, I made some observations that may be useful to keep in mind for artists who not only apply to perform at our fest but others as well.

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Going Alone to a Conference and Making the Most Out of It

In September I attended Create & Cultivate Seattle! Not only was it my first time ever attending a conference but I also attended it alone. Given that conferences can offer so much and be so big in seemingly such a short amount of time, I'm sharing my insight with you on conquering the day!

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The First Initial Steps to Finding Your Purpose

As someone who is interested in a million things, has many passions, and didn't know where to even start or what to pursue, the best advice (from personal experience) I can give is to just start doing! Answers reveal themselves as you continue to follow the right-feeling things. This post isn't just to share my advice on finding your purpose in life but also to serve as something even I can refer back to!

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