The queen of Scorpios, ScorpioMystique, reaches out to thousands of Scorpios around the world via social media. Interconnecting the misunderstood zodiac sign and creating a Scorpio family, she links gapped bridges and inspires both lost and found Scorpios. 

Dossé-Via Trenou, the mastermind behind ScorpioMystique, connects with J and shares all the planning and creating that goes into her informative words, horoscope predictions and astrological readings.

Born in Paris, France, Dossé-Via is a fluent French and English speaker (just like myself!). From Paris to Texas to Georgia to California (and her family is originally from Togo, West Africa), this lady has gotten a taste of many cultures. Starting off as a broadcast journalism major at USC, she realized she wanted more creative freedom and switched her major to Narrative Studies (double majoring in French, as well). "Narrative studies is the art of storytelling explored through literature and cinema," she explained. 

This art of story telling leaked into her brand, ScorpioMystique. To her benefit, being a Narrative Studies major has allowed her to become powerful enough to articulate inspirational words of wisdom and knowledge. Truly making the most of this creative freedom she desired, Dossé-Via speaks to us the Universe. 

How It All Began

It started with my parents talking to me about sun signs,
— ScorpioMystique

The summer of her Freshman year at USC, ScorpioMystique was born (July 31, 2011). "It started with my parents talking to me about sun signs," she explained. "Ever since, I'd say at least the age of ten, I started researching astrology, studying it and so because I had been so into it and kept it to myself I decided to try sharing it with others and see if other people could resonate with it and most specifically my zodiac sign Scorpio." 

She is not only knowledgable in her zodiac sign, she also knows well about the other signs. It began when her Taurus father recalled his complex relationship with his Scorpio sister (since Scorpio and Taurus are opposites in the Zodiac). He would often tell her, "Be careful because if you don't watch out certain negative traits of yours are attributed to Scorpios. Scorpios can be really stubborn, controlling, or manipulative."

Dossé-Via was sure that there was more to a Scorpio than meets the eye, and through research she found out that Scorpio is the most complex and misunderstood zodiac sign. She continued her studies by researching her father's sign, Taurus, only to find out that it was all accurate. Same with her Leo mother. 

"I felt like doing this for all my family members and eventually I asked for more than just like internet resources... I read books, like Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs," is good. "The Inner Sky" by Steven Forest is a great book and I think that was the book that got me the most into the deeper parts of astrology. The popularized version of astrology is: read your horoscope at the back of a magazine, or the back of a newspaper; it is mostly generalized and that's what I shied away from. I'm more into analyzing one's natal birth chart," she explained.

"So after doing more thorough research, I would start reading my family members' birth charts using their time of birth. So I started off just on family and when I saw that they were like, 'This is really accurate', I did my own birth chart and found that it was also really accurate. That's when I realized that I could share it with more people."

Compartmentalizing everything into one is the most important part because it’s not enough to just add them together.
— ScorpioMystique

"Getting my own birth chart from other sites and seeing how they did it was an interesting process. Many sites would tell me about my sun sign, my moon sign and my rising sign but I felt like they didn't tell me enough about the other planets. So it all started with putting together different factors of astrology as if it was a puzzle. So once I knew what my birth details were, I would research every single component of my chart. Compartmentalizing everything into one is the most important part because it's not enough to just add them together. Once I put everything together, all the sun signs, all the sign placements, all the planetary placements, I went into the houses and astrological aspects. And these show the more complex side of where the astrological energy might play out into your life."

"It's through practice, it's through talking to people and seeing what part of the birth chart analysis they relate to the most. So although what most astrologers focus on is your sun, your moon, your ascendant, (which is called your primal triad), I would focus on those but I would always enhance it with greater detail. For example, I'd explain, 'well your sun is compatible with your venus placement.' I'd always interpret charts in a way where it's more than just their sun sign. A lot of my knowledge came from reading, again Steven Forest's "The Inner Sky" basically broke down how to read a birth chart and how to make it as complex as the individual you're talking about and also how to avoid generalizations."

"What was really important for me in terms of writing daily horoscopes was studying astrologers such as Susan Miller, who really draws inspiration from geometric alignments. Astrology is very much a mathematical art at the same time as a spiritual one, because it derives from the exact geometry of the planets' placement in relation to one another." 

The simple answer is a lot of studying, a lot of practice with reading my own birth chart and writing the birth chart of my friends and family until I felt like it wasn’t anymore one plus one plus one plus one equals four, but rather this is what four is composed of. Four is composed of many ones.
— ScorpioMystique

The Creation Of "ScorpioMystique"

"I remember being in my bed, I had come back from Paris for the summer and I was back in Atlanta. I signed up for a new Twitter account, started putting all the information in and then for some reason, literally, I think the ideas just came to me. I might have pondered and stared at my screen and two different names came to me. One of them was Intensely Scorpio and the other was ScorpioMystique and they literally just came to me. I don't know why or how but they both came to me and I'm like which one do I want to be my main name."

"So I actually went to my little brother, his name is Tristan, and I was like 'Tristan what do you prefer, Intensely Scorpio or ScorpioMystique?' He chose ScorpioMystique, and so that became my main name and Intensely Scorpio was just my sub name." 

"If I were to think on an intuitive basis, mystique is definitely french for mystery and some kind of aura that makes people drawn to you, and I definitely think that explains what Scorpio has. They have this enigmatic aura that people are drawn to but they can't really put their finger on. It's just something about Scorpios and I wanted my brand and my company to be represented by that."

ScorpioMystique Fame

I view it as my responsibility to present people with a path towards enlightenment, a path towards self-understanding.
— ScorpioMystique

"I think that the beauty of it comes from the fact that I'm really writing as if I were also a reader who wanted an astrologist to help guide me through life... because astrology means so much to me and I took so much to really understand it, I view it as a personal responsibility to help other people understand it on its true merit. I don't want people to believe that astrology is bs or that astrology is too general. I view it as my responsibility to present people with a path towards enlightenment, a path towards self-understanding. So it feels incredible. I didn't think it would ever grow so hugely. I remember just being a freshman in college and getting five thousand followers and thinking 'This is cool, there's a lot of people who are into this', and never thinking it could grow into an audience of hundreds of thousands. And when I get those comments, it's an affirmation that I'm doing the right thing. It's an affirmation that being an astrologist is a talent that I was given and that I should keep cultivating, but it's also a big responsibility because sometimes I'm late to work or I forgot my laptop at home."

People who would’ve been way too hard on themselves, who would’ve fallen into the trap of Scorpio self destruction view these things as their everyday inspiration.
— ScorpioMystique

"There's so many people who are depending on me. It's wonderful, it's absolutely wonderful to know that I have that influence and that people relate to it. So many people have said that I have helped them remain sane and have hope for the future and that is what I want. I don't like when astrologists make astrology scary and they're kind of like 'So these signs are bad, these are the signs that are good, these are the signs you should stay away from,' like no. I try to have a very positive perspective towards astrology because I really think that if you're interested in astrology you'll understand yourself and astrology is constantly about those cycles in life, all those ups and downs in life and nothing is ever going to go in a straight line. Life is always going to be this challenging process, a journey with your own self, and I feel like just viewing the progression since I started it, a lot of my followers have completely crushed the stereotype that Scorpios are mean, terrible people. Just look at the comments on my Instagram posts. Look how positive and encouraging Scorpios are with each other. I was able to build a Scorpio community because so many people are like 'Let's go Scorpios, you can do it! It's our time, it's our moment' or Scorpios will start tagging other Scorpios in my posts. It's gotten to the point where people who aren't even Scorpios start following me because their boyfriend or their best friend are Scorpios or their mom's a Scorpio, or their friend tagged a Scorpio friend... people just helping other people view life positively. People who would've been way too hard on themselves, who would've fallen into the trap of Scorpio self-destruction view my forecasts as their everyday inspiration. That's something I'm really blessed with."

ScorpioMystique Accuracy

"The secret to the accuracy of my daily horoscopes is that I'm very much in tune with myself. If I wake up on a certain day feeling a really deep, passionate emotion for something that happened with a friend, a significant other, then yes I'll look at the planetary transits because in order to write my ScorpioScopes I study the current planetary transits and see what the sky actually looks like in terms of planetary alignments. But there's also a part of the writing process that's intuitive, where I'll write specifically what my situation is and those are the ones that are the most accurate. Scorpios are like 'That's exactly how I feel' and it's because I was able to really tune into what is triggering my current emotion and write about it and share the situation that occurred to me, even if it's not super specific. I will describe the scenario as well as the expectation that might have led to the disappointment or happiness. So I'll combine that with the planetary aspects of the day and so its total effect is what makes the most on point horoscope."

Top Three Scorpio Weaknesses 

So I’d say one of our top weaknesses is just our pride.
— ScorpioMystique

"We can be very, very, very, very proud, often to a fault. Of course this differs from Scorpio to Scorpio because we all have different levels of evolvement, the Scorpion and the Eagle and the Phoenix. But I think on a general level Scorpios are not one to always be able to admit when they need help, or admit when they've made a mistake or admit when they might not be as right as they thought they were, and this could lead to us stubbornly staying fixed in our beliefs, burning bridges, and holding grudges, which ultimately can lead to us being less happy than we would be if we just let our ego go. It's much easier said than done, however, because we have a very strong ego for a reason -- we have a very strong personality. So I'd say one of our top weaknesses is just our pride. It sometimes stands in the way of us getting what we really want, whether we realize it or not."

The solution for our overly suspicious mindset is just trust the process...
— ScorpioMystique

"Our overly suspicious minds can be another drawback, and that's largely because we have been deceived in the past. We have a very strong intuition so if our gut instinct is telling us something we tend to go with it, but at the same time we don't always give people the benefit of the doubt and once again that can lead to us allowing our first impressions to completely block someone out forever. This trait can be detrimental to our more intimate relationship or friendships when we're always thinking 'maybe our partners are not loyal to us' or 'our friends are plotting behind our back'. Even though we don't necessarily share our inner concerns to our partners or to our fiends, we harbor it within ourselves, and we can get to allow it to eat us up inside. The solution for our overly suspicious mindset is to just trust the process. If there's something fishy that you're supposed to find out, you're going to find out about it sooner or later." 

Overanalyzing and wanting to be in control of everything.
— ScorpioMystique

"Overanalyzing and wanting to be in control of everything. Our controlling nature can be a weakness because control is an illusion and as much as Scorpios feel really strong and secure when we feel like we're in control, it's not pretty when it feels like we're not in control. We can snap on people, be really hard on ourselves and we can even have temper tantrums and mood swings. I'd say just the fact that we can be controlling and want everything to go our way and want people to see things in our perspective can be more of a Scorpio weakness rather than an advantage."

Top Three Scorpio Strengths 

It’s not only about being loyal in front of you, it’s being loyal no matter what.
— ScorpioMystique

"If you have a Scorpio by your side, truly and you've done them right, they will reciprocate that 150%. They don't trust that many people but if you happen to be one of those few people that prove to them that they shouldn't keep their self-protecting barriers up, and that they should be vulnerable with you, the loyalty you get is immeasurable. If you ever need something from them, they'll be there no matter what time it is. If somebody ever has something to say about you, they'll have your back, even if you're not there they'll have your back. It's not only about being loyal in front of you, it's being loyal no matter what. I think a Scorpio's loyalty is one of their strongest assets. That's why people often say Scorpios make incredible friends because they feel so protected by us. The same goes for if you're in a relationship with a Scorpio, you really feel safe with them as long as you stay on their good side."

...there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish because we don’t believe in limits, we believe in achievement, we believe in success.
— ScorpioMystique

"Our passion. We're literally, I really think Scorpio is the most passionate sign of the zodiac because we're ruled by two of the most passionate planets, Mars and Pluto. When you put the energy of Mars, the planet of action, with the energy of Pluto, the planet of transformation, that means every single act we make is intense enough to transform the world, to transform ourselves, and to transform the lives of others. So that naturally just makes us radiate passionate energy, and with that passion, there's nothing that we can't accomplish because we don't believe in limits, we believe in achievement, we believe in success. We have this inner conviction that we are up to achieve something great and think it's contagious and it makes people want to be around us, it makes people want to learn about how we do what we do and it makes people want to follow us. We're great leaders basically."

Our intuition is so on point it can be scary.
— ScorpioMystique

"Our intuition. We are almost scarily accurate, scarily intuitive to the point of some would say some Scorpios might be psychic. Many of us are really in tune with our spirituality, even more so when we do not let our ego come in the way of evolvement, and we try to keep our thinking on a higher level frequency, which means filling our minds with more positive thoughts rather than focusing on negative possibilities. Our intuition is so on point that it can be scary. That's why I think Scorpios are such emotional people. They feel even the most subtle vibes around them, they feel the vibes within them and they are more comfortable with their emotional vibes, than they are with reason or logic or whatever people view as objective truth. We view everything from a subjective lens and that helps us make the right decisions. If we're looking for a job, a home, a friend, a partner, we'll intuitively know if it's right for us. If we have any kind of doubt, we usually shy away from it. There are certain instances where we might have been wrong but I literally think that 99% of the time, our intuition is correct."

I think you’re actually better off owning every single emotion you feel because none of them are wrong, none of them are right, they’re just the way you feel.
— ScorpioMystique

Biggest Advice To A Scorpio

"Own your emotions. You'll sometimes hear astrologers describe Scorpios as jealous, manipulative, stubborn and all these things, and Scorpios can be hard on themselves for feeling like they possess those "darker" traits, but I think you're actually better off owning every single emotion you feel because none of them are wrong, none of them are right, they're just the way you feel. They're passive. So the thing with Scorpios is, because we are such extreme people we kind of live in a 'Oh it's the end of the world' kind of mentality, and if we own how we feel and realize that feelings are not permanent and that we'll feel differently later, then life will become much easier for us. With that being said, if you ever were to feel a "negative" emotion like jealousy, if you own up to it, you have a much higher chance of overcoming it than if you suppress it and try to pretend it's not true or if you're in denial of it, basically. Same with love. Scorpios often torment themselves by being in denial about the way they feel about someone. Own the fact that you're head over heels, crazy, obsessive even about someone because that's the first way to figure out if that person really is for you. And if that person really is for you, how am you going to make it known to them? Too many times, Scorpios sit here, tormenting themselves -- we can be very self destructive when we feel like we shouldn't be feeling what we feel. So find a healthy way to release all of your emotions, accept them and realize that there's a reason why you feel things so intensely, there's a reason that you are so sensitive to everything, there's a reason why your intuition is so strong. Once you decide to just go with the flow instead of fighting against the current and trying to live in this world where all of your emotions are controlled or all of your emotions are chosen by you, then I think you'll be much better off. The one advice I give to Scorpios is just be completely comfortable with every emotion that comes your way."

The Daily Horoscope Process

"Usually I will write my ScorpioScope as soon as I wake up, and that's why it's sporadic. Living on the West Coast I post Scopes around 8 a.m. but for Scorpios on the East coast its 11 a.m. I can't always get up at four in the morning but I will eventually start posting at midnight PST. so far what I've been doing is, I wake up, I go to see the current planetary aspects (you can find it on Yahoo, you can find it on Google, you can just type in 'current map of the astrological sky') and I see what's going on in the universe and based on what I think are the major trends."

"It can get overwhelming to look at the sky map. There's literally always something going on in the sky, different transits are always going on. But I focus on the most important transits or aspects that affect Scorpios and then I will also look at the themes that are the most important based on those planets." 

"I write my daily horoscopes on my laptop so, I'll just sit with my hands on my keyboard until I have one word or a phrase that comes to me that I think will start it off, and once I start writing the rest just comes as a natural flow. I'll know which are the main planetary transits I want to discuss, and basically I create a narrative of the day using the planetary transits." 

I do think that people who read the right horoscope written by the right astrologers will become believers.
— ScorpioMystique

The Universe Being A Book Of Information

"Astrology sometimes trips me out but at the same time it doesn't because what people don't know is that astrology and astronomy used to be one in the same. Before the invention of the telescope, stargazers were fascinated by what was going on in the sky. They all wrote down the different phases of the moon and the different transitions of stars from what they could see on Earth with their blind eye. Some of the most important scientists and philosophers such as Aristotle, Galileo, Plato and Copernicus, were astrologers. They actually were really into astrology and their services were used by distinguished politicians and royals. It makes sense to me because I'm like, before there was psychology there was astrology, before there was religion there was astrology."

"When I think about it on a grander scale like that, astrology doesn't trip me out as much as it does when I'm out like 'Oh I'm just on Earth, I'm studying astrological movements and I can understand life's cycles.' Every planet, every sign, every house, all those things have themes to them and it was through a lot of studying through the generations that they were discovered. I feel like probably 500 years from now there will be evolvement that I didn't know about in astrology. Just like science keeps evolving, astrology keeps evolving. I think about it in a more spiritual way and I think that it's completely acceptable that just like some people aren't religious and some people aren't scientific some aren't into astrology. Everyone has heir own views on it but I do think that people who read the right horoscope written by the right astrologers will become believers." 

Biggest Notable Change In Her Life

"Realizing that I can actually make a living doing what I love. I'm not exactly one hundred percent at that point yet because I was a college student, I just graduated from USC so I didn't dedicate 100% of my time to ScorpioMystique until now. But now it is both my passion and my career."

"Ever since ScorpioMystique has grown, it's helped me better realize who I am. I felt really connected with my passion and I'm passionate about my brand. I think that's why people are still very into it because they know it's a very genuine thing from me. Being an astrologist has helped me better understand myself. Through being ScorpioMystique and sharing insights about Scorpios with everyone else, I really think I've evolved."

“It’s helped me grow as a woman, feel comfortable as a woman and feel empowered to basically take this as far as possible and to invest myself in it completely because it’s a mission that matters a lot to me.”
— ScorpioMystique

Future Goals

"I got into USC grad school for education but I deferred to look at more options. So I'm taking a year off as of now and applying to different education programs. My goal in the meantime is to keep modeling and doing ScorpioMystique. In terms of modeling, I recently signed with an agency and I am excited for the new experiences which will come with that. And then as for ScorpioMystique, I am finalizing projects since Scorpio season is coming. Scorpios have asked me to develop an app, which I'm in the process of working on. They've asked me to share more knowledge on compatibilities with other signs, so I'm finding a unique, interesting forum in order to share deeper insights on compatibilities rather than just tweets on Instagram, so that's going to be coming up soon as well." 

"I may be doing some speaking tours as there are a lot of astrology conventions to participate in. I expect to speak at my first convention by 2015. And then my priority is to of course continue my personalized birth chart services. I just started offering a Saturn in Scorpio forecast and I am now writing 3,000 word monthly forecasts for Scorpios. I have a lot on my plate but I'm loving every minute of it. My three main objectives are applying to more grad schools, modeling full-force and seeing what happens, and then continuing to expand the ScorpioMystique brand and really pushing the limits of what I can do with it. Look out for Scorpio season, October 23rd, for a few different projects will be happening around that time that I think many Scorpios will be excited about."

More On Being A Model

"I like breaking the stereotypes of models being superficial and vain. I like being a college-educated model, and I think that actually helps in this business for I don't allow people to take advantage of me. Modeling has been something I like to do creatively. I love fashion, I love Paris, and I love photography. I enjoy being behind the camera and I enjoy being in front of the camera. So it's just something I have a lot of fun with and I want to see where it takes me."

Twiiter Q & A's

@JailynSantana - "Do you think Scorpios are the most powerful sign? The negative traits are weak though."

SM: "I have to say, I actually do. I might be biased, but I do think that every sign has its special attribute, like they'll say 'geminis are the most communicative and social' and 'aquarius' are the most rebellious and unorthodox' and Leos are the most charismatic... basically there are a few signs that would be in competition with Scorpio for the most powerful. They'd probably be Leo, and maybe Aries, and maybe even, some would argue, Capricorn. But the reason why I say it's Scorpios is because Leo and Aries have more of an impulsive, fiery, assertive kind of power and make you think of power in terms of physical strength. With Scorpio I think it's more of an inner-strength. It's a strength of being that comes from having gone through a whole bunch of challenges and getting stronger every single time and refusing to give up. It's just this inner will that helps them propel to the top. That's what I think makes them the most powerful sign in the zodiac."

@aenterpricesfp - "Which is the most compatible sign with Scorpio?"

SM: "My astrological answer would be that I have to read your birth chart and see, because you can have a Sun in Scorpio and then a Moon in libra, and then a whole bunch of air sign energy, and I'd say you're more compatible with an air sign, all in all. But on a more general level, let's just say you have mostly Scorpio energy in your chart, then I'd say either a Cancer, Pisces, or a Capricorn. The traditionally most compatible sign for Scorpio is Pisces. They're most compatible because they're Water signs. Pisces is not judgmental of Scorpio's moodiness and Scorpio's extremes. If anything, Pisces helps soothe Scorpios intensity and helps them feel the beauty in themselves. Scorpio just has to make sure to not walk all over Pisces and not to take advantage of Pisces' selflessness. All in all these two work together because they truly appreciate each other and they mold to each other's personalities. Scorpios and Capricorn are also a great match. They work exceptionally well in business, definitely, and they are exceptional friends before even in terms of love. Scorpio and Capricorn both are about loyalty to an extreme. They're both about security and commitment and I think that's why I think they'd get along very, very well. And then Cancer is also very compatible with Scorpio. The only thing about Scorpio being with Cancer is that Cancer is also extremely moody and so that can just lead to two Water creatures passive-aggressiveness. But for the most part it's smooth-sailing. So in order I'd say the best matches are Scorpio-Pisces, Scorpio-Capricorn, and Scorpio-Cancer. But the beauty of astrology is that you can make it work with anyone as long as you know the nuances and complexities of both you and your partner's birth chart."

@heathermae777  - "Are you a fan of Linda Goodman? She wrote a book called Love Signs that I LOVE."

SM: "Yeah, I don't think I read that specific book, but many astrology sources often refer to her. She's definitely a good astrologist and I've heard really great reviews from that book. She's one of those astrologists that takes her work seriously and that's why people enjoy reading her."

@n_wilde - "What can I do to not get so attached to others?" 

SM: "Keep things in perspective. Don't take everything so personally. People can get easily hurt when you think that people are out to get them so if they should change that mentality -- people aren't necessarily out to get you, they're more for themselves. So a lot of the things they do is coming from a selfish perspective and Scorpios can be selfish themselves, so that's something that we should be able to relate to. If we understand that our whole mission is just to protect ourselves form pain by not allowing very comment that somebody says to affect us so deeply. Learn the art of detachment by being around your air sign friends, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius. You'll see that they can get super social, they can get hilarious, they can tell you about themselves. But they also have this air of detachment about them that shows their individuality, that shows that they're free to go whenever they're ready to go.

"With Scorpio it's true, we sometimes can't help the fact that we get so attached, but if you keep in the back of your mind 'I can't get lost in this person, I always have to protect myself and stay true to myself, stand my own ground' then you'll be able to take things a little slower. You'll be able to process 'are my emotions kind of making me jump into this situation so quickly? And if so, maybe I should take a few steps back.'

"So one of the cool things is that Scorpio is one of those signs that doesn't mind solitude and doesn't mind being alone. So I'd day all that begins with self-love. If you start off feeling completely comfortable with yourself, and you're comfortable with the view you have of yourself, then it doesn't matter what other people are going to say about you. And of course, it's easier said than done but that's why I encourage Scorpios to have a passion, to have a hobby, or to have a career that they love, because once they do that they'll know that no matter what, even if their relationships or their friendships aren't going well, they have their passion. Also, be sure to surround yourself with positive people. If you're constantly hurting because of what your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mother, sibling, cousin said or did to you, then it might be a clue that that person is not the positive energy you need in your life.

"Scorpios are like sponges, we absorb everything. It might not be you, it might be that person and if that's the case you have to have the courage to cut the cord. Because we can sometimes get so attached to people, we can be blinded to their faults and can forgive over and over again for stuff that shouldn't be forgiven. We can cut people off real quick if we don't have an emotional connection to them, but if we have an emotional connection it's like we get blinded to what they do that can be bad for us. Be aware that if this is a continuous thing, where you're constantly hurt and you're continually feeling deceived, then it might be time to distance yourself from the person. See how your life is, if you can breathe more without that person in your life."

One More Thing... 

"We get a bad rep in terms of stereotypical astrology and I just say that one of the proudest parts of being an astrologist is that my Scorpios show everyone how untrue our bad rep is. We are such intelligent, beautiful, loyal, passionate, kind, loving individuals with so much to give to the world, and if we continue to stick together and continue to believe in ourselves, our power, and our personal paths then there's nothing we can do but succeed. Hold onto that Scorpio power because it's real, it's real! There's a reason we're the only sign that has three symbols, and that we are ruled by two of the coolest planets. Being a Scorpio is one of the coolest things that can make up your identity. So be proud and rep team Scorpio!" - ScorpioMystique

Fitalicious Her

You know how we are nowadays. We're on our phones, scrolling through our Instagram and Twitter pages, clicking on one link, leading to another and eventually we find ourselves going through the personal lives of some stranger in another state (if that doesn't happen to you I'm going to feel like a total creeper).

So loooong ago, I stumbled upon @fitalicious_me on Instagram and instantly started following her. 

I'm fortunate, yes fortunate, enough to say that I've been following her long enough to have seen her growth and her journey over the course of time. 

Today (July 19), something I had dreamed of happening since I first recognized her, I met her! I want to start off by saying that she is a breath of fresh air! If you think she is beautiful on Instagram, she is twice in person (inside and out)! My "interview" with Vevian was one that I've enjoyed the most because I could feel her simplicity and her genuineness (and I put interview in quotations because it felt more like a relaxed conversation). 

Now off to the recognition.  

I’m all about convenience and saving money where I can.
— Vevian Vozmediano

Vevian Vozmediano and I met at a cafe in Manhattan Beach, CA, one of her favorite getaways. Can't say it isn't a nice area! Very posh, we agreed. It'd be a dream to live in the area! The only thing is that, she has yet to spot a good grocery store and if you follow Vevian, you know she is smart savvy when it comes to creating recipes and it not being pricey! One of the many reasons why people enjoy following her.

Another reason, is that Vevian shares her life with her Instagram followers! She is open and real. As her Instagram started to reach a large following, which is something she never expected to happen, she was having quite a journey (and very much still is).  

Vevian pursued being a massage therapist for six years. Which caused her family to tell her that she should open up a salon with her sisters since one of her sisters was a hair dresser and the other was a nail tech! What a salon that would be! I know I would visit. Lol.

It just kind of fell into my plan and I just rolled with it and I just grew so fond of it.
— Vevian Vozmediano

She then became a household maid/nanny for a family for seven years! This is where the cooking all started. The family has asked her if she knew how to cook, and she did because she grew up cooking Middle Eastern foods with her mother, it just wasn't something she did everyday. Her job description included having to cook them dinner, snacks and all of the above! As she began to cook everyday, it's safe to say she became obsessed with it! 

Having moved to Chicago, she came out with her first e-book (which came from a blog that she used to have) on December 24, 2012 titled "Bake Shop." Following that she created a project that allowed her to live with 23 families all over the country last year (2013), "Project Fit Nation." With these families she helped cook, grocery shop, and work out with, only asking that they pay for her flight. Being the fearless woman she is, upon her return to Chicago she decided to move again to her now current home in Huntington Beach, CA.

All the while, she was sharing her life with us via Instagram. Everything from her past negative experiences, her self image, her family, her ex-husband to whom she referred to as her "gray cloud," her road trip from Chicago to California, her new found love and husband, and, of course, her healthy recipes.   

Now, she inspires thousands of people daily! People reach out to her for all kinds of advice from fitness and health to personal. "It's crazy," she says.

It’s literally a walk of life has reached out to me at a certain point.
— Vevian Vozmediano

Vevian displays her e-mail to the public purposefully because she loves reading e-mails and she gets them everyday! She not only gets e-mails from people who desire to lose weight or need help with workout routines, "I get e-mails from women that have lost hope in their love life, I've gotten e-mails from women that are in second marriages that are miserable, relationships that are miserable, girls with eating disorders, they are at a dead end job and ask me how I changed my life," she continued, "young girls to women who are old enough to be my mother, it's all over the place. It's all over the place, it's not just like this one generic person out there that reaches out to me.

"I mean, it's almost daily I get these really, really long e-mails people are telling me literally their whole life story and it's overwhelming sometimes to be honest, 'cause I'm just a normal person like you." 

Could you imagine? Getting e-mails from thousands of strangers that you've never met who spill all these personal details to you asking for help. 

I’m just a girl who’s really passionate about what she does.
— Vevian Vozmediano

"At the end of the day I tell people I'm not a therapist, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a dietitian, or a nutritionist or not even a personal trainer," she adds. 

"I can only tell you so much but what I tell you, it might work for me, might not work for you. And I always tell people to just try, try everything. If they even have a 'oh I think I might want to do this' why haven't you done it yet? What's stopping you from actually doing it? Whether it's like moving, changing jobs, dumping your boyfriend, like what is stopping you? And I feel like at the end of the day so many people are stuck in a rut that they just don't do it. Like I said, I know I would probably be somewhere here in California even if I didn't have an Instagram account but all I'm doing is just sharing my life, just constantly sharing, sharing, sharing and it's brought me here."

Vevian would still have made changes in her life even if her Instagram didn't become what it's become. She made it a point to say that.  "It changed because I wanted it to change. It wasn't 'cause Instagram or money or anything. I moved just like anybody else [would have] wanted to move. Even if I didn't have an Instagram I feel like I would still be here in California," (got rudely interrupted by the Starbucks blender, lol), "I don't feel social media has brought me to California," she repeated.  

That's another reason why people enjoy following Vevian. If she wants it, she goes and gets it. She makes things happen and it shows! 

My Instagram account has always been very personal just like anyone elses.
— Vevian Vozmediano

"I never expected my Instagram to have a large following, I just feel like I got it at the right time," said Vevian. The only true opportunity she feels like she has gotten from her now large fan based Instagram profile is the ability to share her life. People misconstrue the popularity she has gained from social media to where people make many false assumptions. "People think that we have all these special opportunites but no, unless you're sponsored, unless something happens to you, no. But yeah, I make a living off my e-books," she said. Now she's coming out with her seventh recipe e-book which was originally going to be called "Five Ingredient Dishes" but now... she's aiming more towards "Almost Five Ingredients."

Most of her recipes will consist of only five ingredients but "I'd be cheating myself if I just called it five ingredients," she mentioned, "'cause I want everything I do to be awesome so I'm like how about we call it "Almost Five Ingredients." She wants people to have options to add more things to each dish. Which, to me, sounds ideal!

Vevian never shares food to the public that she doesn't think is delicious, recipes that aren't perfect, or company brands that she believes aren't worth your money. She stays true to herself and genuine to you.

When it comes to her future aspirations, one of her long time goals was (and still is) to publish her very own cook book by the time she's 35 (she's currently 34). And although that might not happen as soon as she had wished, it's still on her To Do list.

It’s just a dream of some sort.
— Vevian Vozmediano

Vevian said she needs "a publishing company to see me or recommend me or something like that. That would be ideal." Even though she feels like people don't really even buy cookbooks anymore, she just wants to be able to have all her recipes in one book, a book she can hold! "It's not even for the intention of becoming famous, a famous author, or be like Rachel Ray, being all over the world, it would just be this tangible thing that's something that I'm so passionate about and now it's all together in a book, " she said. The cookbook would also include her story on how Instagram has allowed her and inspired her to come up with all her recipes, all her collaborations. Everything from what she's posted on Instagram, to her e-books and even along with families that she visited all last year. I'll tell you what... I'd definitely go purchase that. 

It would be unlike any other show right now that’s on, it would be real.
— Vevian Vozmediano

Aside from publishing a cook book, a show of some sort has her interest too. It wouldn't be like any other cooking show though, it would be interactive! "Cooking with people," said Vevian, "to teach them how to cook healthy yet affordable. Reaching out to people on different levels." She adds, "Mine would be like I'm over... a lady I just met at the grocery store and she's having girlfriends over and they're all dealing with different weight loss, they're trying to go on diets... families that have busy schedules, I'll go in there and show them how to do a real simple dinner, maybe do like things for their kids."

As of her short future, she's doing a photo shoot for Lululemon in Newport this week and she's very excited for it. It'll be on the beach! So be on the lookout for Lululemon's Facebook page to see Vevian sporting some awesome athletic ware.

Her biggest piece of advice:

Think less and do more things.
— Vevian Vozmediano

"I think [we're] being sabotaged [by ourselves] when we want to do so much and whether it's just putting yourself out there, going for a job that you think you're not qualified for or whether it's that guy across the hallway that you think is too good looking for you to talk to or vice-versa or, I mean seriously, whether it's that dress that you're looking at and you think it wouldn't look good on you. I feel like there's so many things that we're just so afraid of doing, that if we just stepped out of our comfort zone and actually take that step to actually do it, there's so much more to," she paused for a brief moment, "It's just around the corner, if you just take that one step and actually do it. We're just so... we sabotage ourselves so much just by overthinking, over and over and overthinking that like... I just put myself out there and just [being] like 'you know what, I'm just going to do it.'

"If it's bad, if it turns out wrong, then at least I can say that I tried but I feel like there's some people that... just put yourself out there! What's the worst that can happen? Rejection? Not being able to deal with it, you know, at least, I'd rather have something not work out for me, that I tried than for me to be like 'I wonder if' like five years from now. I'm only going to get older. Things are not going to change if I don't take that step." 

When it comes to happiness and staying positive:

Life has been good to me.
— Vevian Vozmediano

"I have very negative people in my life and it's all about actually just having a wall and just not even allowing those people to get to you and at the end of the day, we all make our own decisions and all you can do is show love towards those people but if they refuse your love then you can't... you know you just have to move on. Even if it's your friends that you grew up with, your family, your parents."

Random Facts:

Favorite dish:

"Dessert. I don't even care about real food I'll just eat dessert all day."

Favorite color:


Back in the day:

"I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was younger, no idea. I actually wanted to go to art school. I liked art. I still love art... paintings, sculptures. But I knew my parents wouldn't allow me to do such things."


"I like the ocean but I don't like going in the ocean. I like the way it looks, I love the beach but I don't like going in the ocean. Especially here in California because you can't see the floor. Like if you were in Florida you can actually see the floor a little bit more, a little bit better there."

"I'm afraid of fish. I'll never go snorkling or scubadiving."

Her Inspiration:

"Life and people that reach out to me on a daily basis on Instagram."

It is what you make it. Social media is interesting.
— Vevian Vozmediano

All in all, at the end of the day Vevian is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary passion. She found her talent, her purpose and is sharing it with the world. I like to call her "a breath of fresh air."

Neon Daz-e and Isla Nueve™

"So tell me a little about yourself," I begin the interview.

It’s something about the energy... when you can inspire people with that environment it captures my soul.
— DJ Neon Daz-e

Jeanette answers. "I'm bad-ass," she follows with slight laughter. Then she adds a bit about her life aside from DJ'ing and webbing ideas for Isla Nueve®. 

Jeanette graduated from the University of AZ with a Bachelors in Mexican American studies in 2007. She has been giving back to her community, specifically to youth, for the past decade. Her passion for helping others has led her to find her other passions in music and art. She started DJ'ing that same year. But she desired to be more than just a DJ. She knew there was more that she could do with turning tables, so she then created Isla Nueve®. A concept that inspires and motivates people to find their own passion through music and art.

At age 21 she started as DJ Chica, desiring something short and simple that captured peoples attention but also represented her cultural background. "Chica means a cool, hip woman in Spanish," she explains. At the time, this name best fit her vision. Seven years later, Chica then evolved to Neon Daz-e. The name change sparked when she attended EDC (the Electric Daisy Carnival). "A very inspiring, magical environment," she says, "At that time I was reflecting a lot about my changes as a DJ and Neon Daz-e popped into my mind because One: I was into neon colors at that time and two: Daz-e just sounded like a perfect fit." 

When Jeanette first started as a DJ she was all about old school hip-hop. "My love for DJ'ing started with old school hip-hop because it captures the roots and the soul of where hip-hop came from. It has a history and old school hip-hop shares a story. Throughout the years it evolved. In my point of view its deteriorated because of the mainstream industry."

Her transition of a name also came with a transition in music. From hip-hop to electronic, she explains it's (electronic music) what's most popular right now. "If you want to get energy and excitement in the club it's going to be electronic." 

You have to evolve with music.
— DJ Neon Daz-e

"That doesn't mean I limit myself to one genre of music. It (the music) changes from time to time just like the seasons change. It all depends on my mood, who I am playing for. Right now its mainly electronic but Im open to any format because I'm very big on creativity. If you pay attention to genres its mixing a lot. Other genres are starting to incorporate electronic beats: electronic & hip-hop, country & electronic, jazz & hip-hop."

Advice on becoming a DJ.

As far as a DJ there’s so many different routes to go.
— DJ Neon Daz-e

 "Know your music and know what you want to do with your music," she states. "To start off it comes down to what type of music you want to play and how much of music you know. Some DJ's stick to one genre, they stay as a resident DJ for one club. Then there's DJ's that DJ at clubs but also have their side gigs such as weddings and quiceaneras. As a starter experiment with different software's online. One of them is Virtual DJ, you can mix different songs, mess around with beats. If you want to go the producing path there's Logic or Ableton. You just have to love music. It's not for everyone."

Jeanette started DJ'ing with one of her friends who was a DJ at the time. She introduced her to the DJ world and she then started experimenting with her equipment. "It was like love at first site," she confesses, "It was a passion that I didn't know I would have. It hit me and I wanted to stay with it." 

Future Aspirations

Jeanette just wants to inspire people. "I thought I was just going to be a club DJ but I felt there was a missing piece. That missing piece was Isla Nueve®. There's a lot you can do with music. I'll probably end up DJ'ing often in the future but right now I'm trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to incorporate my love for art and creativity. Just being an entrepreneur there's just so many different routes I can take at this time. I'm taking my own time to reflect on those different talents that I have and then take it from there. I'm just focusing on Isla Nueve®," she explains.


Do you have a favorite DJ?

"I don't have a favorite DJ. Every DJ has a different ear and different taste. My favorites right now are the ones that are producing. I give more respect to the DJ's that are not only producing their own beats from scratch but mixing different genres. (Tiesto, Daft Punk, Cascade, Dada Life, Morgan Page, Maxwell). The more a DJ can do with his/her music the more respect I have." 

Are you a producing DJ?

"It's a skill that takes a lot of commitment that I can't offer myself at this time. A commitment I would want to put 100% of my focus and I'll probably let that happen later in the future but not right now." 

So what does music mean to you?

"Music is like a lifelong love affair and when I say that it strikes a lot of memories. It has been there through a lot of my hard times and a lot of my happy times. Music brings people together. It's a universal language." 

It’s the beginning of the beginning and the beginning of a long path.
— DJ Neon Daz-e

First time she DJ'd was in Scottsdale, AZ. One of her friends was a DJ for a club there and offered Jeanette an opening act and be a guest DJ one night for an event. "It will be a memory that I will never forget because it was a lot of fun and I just didn't know what to expect. The moment that I got to use my own equipment, my own turntable for the very first time in front of a crowd it was a very exciting moment. I knew from that moment on I was going to gain attention and just put myself out there."

Isla Nueve® and the concept came from the name and the name came from a dream.
— DJ Neon Daz-e

"I was walking on a beach and all of a sudden I saw an island far off that beach. The only person who noticed the island was me. It was literally glowing. I decided to swim to the island because I knew there was something to discover in that island. Unfortunately when I was swimming towards the island my alarm woke me up. I still felt excited, I felt a sense of happiness and it felt like I had discovered a treasure even though I didn't make it to the island. I couldn't understand why I had such a dream but I knew at that moment in time it represented something big in my life. I was going through a phase where I was trying to discover where my path was going and what I wanted to do with my music. I knew there was something big coming up in my life. To me that dream represented a treasure, it represented something I had discovered. I'm still even now... I'm still discovering that treasure," she explained. 

Isla Nueve®- (Island Nine in English). Island was in her dream and the number nine has been her favorite number since she was little. Isla Nueve® is a concept where right now she uses her music and her love for creativity and art to inspire other people. She is still experimenting with the concept. But along the way she has already attracted people and friends in her life who feel that Isla Nueve® is going to evolve into something bigger. She comments, "that itself motivates me to keep going because if other people are already feeling inspired than that itself says a lot about my concept and my ideas. I feel that this year will be a good year for Isla Nueve®." Her goal is to build a solid foundation and have a team. "It's the dream, the passion, and the emotions and the faith that my friends and the people in the community give to me."


How can someone get involved with Isla Nueve®?

"Right now I'm looking for a solid team that will help me go further with the concept and will help me build the business... dedicated individuals and have a passion in being creative and innovative. The first step is to understand what it means to me. Visit my FB page, Twitter, or my website. I have yet to update those because it's evolving. Once I get a team I'll have a more clear idea to how one can get involved. If it catches your attention, email me." (All her contact information can be found at the end of this article)

Jeanette's Motto:

"Continue to challenge yourself and never get too comfortable. If you get too comfortable with where you're at in life then it's going to be really hard to move forward. If you're not moving forward then you're not really enjoying life. You're not pushing yourself to understand your purpose in life." 


Jeanette's Biggest Lesson:

"To not rush into your purpose. It's important to let it process naturally. Value and patience. Slow progress is progress itself."


"Anything else you'd like to add?" I asked.

Pause. Moment of brief silence. 

"Isla Nueve®:.. it's going to impact a lot of people in the future. I am honored to recognize my ability to accept failure and disappointment, it wasn't easy at first because sometimes I want to make things happen very very quickly. I observe life, people, their struggles. I try to understand why certain paths or certain things don't turn out the way they do. I've learned how to inspire people and how to give value to my ideas and people. You have to be thankful for that process. It's all about the people and helping others. Help others with your passion and that will go long ways as far as success goes." 

It (music) represents unity and love and strength and memories and it’s whats going to save the future in the world I think.
— DJ Neon Daz-e

Ying & Yang

What happens when two dancing souls come together? They create art.

It was a Saturday evening. I decided to walk around downtown Tucson after a photo shoot I had for my website. I took some nice photos here and there until I stumbled upon a big crowd of people huddled around something on the corner of the street. Of course, I wanted to see what was getting their attention so I made my way through the crowd and once I saw what it was I knew right away that I wanted them to be the first to be recognized on my website. This was not a crowd, this was an audience. A group of teenagers were dancing, not just dancing though but intrigued all these people by sharing different styles of body movement, passionately,  through music. Each individual had their own unique form of art; they all meshed so well together they put on a show. Once I found the opportunity to approach one of the girls standing on the side, I was directed to the boy sitting on the big, white, old-school stereo and the guy standing next to him...


Ying and Yang. 

It was back in middle school, when one of Ismael's friends wanted to shove nasty bread into Cris's mouth and force him to eat it. But Cris fought back (literally) and walked away. Ismael then felt the need to show Cris some respect for what he just did, shook his hand and that is how they met. I know... boys and their respect. 

Ismael went to LA in the summer of 2009, got into shuffling (footwork, gliding) and returned home to study this movement through dub-step. He had started dancing while Cris was more into par-core and free running. Upon re-kindling the loss of contact for a few months after the bullying incident, Cris also got into dancing his sophomore year of high school after seeing Step Up 2 (Ismael was inspired by You Got Served). Their common interest has always been music, whether it was beat boxing or dance, they both understood the beauty behind music equally. As they started dancing together, they recognized how much their unique styles of dance complimented each other. Although they were completely different in many ways, they just clicked. "We can read each others steps."

"We don't just speak, we say things that we cant regularly say with our bodies. Our bodies are our expression. Its the way that I can express myself freely when I cant use words," explains Cris. "All the emotions you can think of can be portrayed though dance, it amazes me," he adds. "The floor is our canvas. I'm really humbled that I got to experience the studio life because a lot of kids don't get to experience that."

"It's a lifestyle. It's become second nature to me. It's a good way to get your feelings out," Ismael says.

A week after joining a dance crew in a town (Nogales, AZ) with no dance culture, the crew just fell apart but it motivated and inspired them to start their own crews, become competitive and find other individuals who were interested in dance as much as they were. But again, nothing stuck. Things would slowly fade away but Cris and Ismael always stayed together. 

When Cris moved up to Tucson, he was able to take advanced dance class at Cholla High School. A guest teacher recruited him into XL crew, through which he found out about Second Saturdays (a re-occuring street fair in downtown Tucson). He then told Ismael about this opportunity to dance in public and from then on they practice their dance in front of the public eye. Second Saturday brings together all the dance crews: XL crew, Chili beans crew, Smurf-Ent crew, Less Avenge crew, Motion Outlaws, and them... Ying & Yang.

Cris prepares to dance in public by practicing beforehand, whereas Ismael simply prepares himself mentally through his imagination. "We never get nervous," they claim. They each dance every day

So why the name Ying & Yang? "Opposites make sense. Me and him are opposites. Two opposites make a whole. So we just decided Ying & Yang would be the best fit," explains Cris. "Cheesy but to the point," adds Ismael. 

Blueprint from Dragonhouse is Ismael's main inspiration. Le twins (the french duo that sparked them to become a duo) and B-boy Physicx are Cris's inspiration's. 

Cris always stays in touch with his roots. "If you don't have your roots then what do you really have?" says Cris. He found his boombox, before he got into dancing in a studio, in a thrift shop that sells audio parts and stereos. "Really handy when you want to go out and dance somewhere especially when you didn't have a studio to go to."

So what now?  "Its not just a hobby. We are going to go somewhere with dance. We're just going to get better. We want to make our idols our competition," they say. They plan on doing a heartbreak concept video to Ray-J's "One Wish". The beat is on point and the words inspire them. So stay tuned...

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your life as of now?

Ismael Sepulveda [aka liquid], representin' San Diego, CA: "Be humble." 

Cris Barajas [aka B-boy Powerhouse], representin' Nogales/Tucson, AZ: "Persevere through thick and thin." 

Like Ying and Yang's FB Page and be updated with all their new collabs: