She's a Sunflower

Quickly, she grew

on hard soil

but direct sunlight


She thrived in warm environments

where her spirit could bloom


The dry desert was all she knew

but she learned to adapt to the drought

to the dry, hot air


And because she learned

to adjust


to push boudaries of comfort


Others looked up to her

like she would always turn 

to look up to the sun

for energy


The sun gave her life

and made her happy


When she blossomed

bumblebees mistook her sweetness for pollen

birds related to her freedom


She was intelligent


and little did she know

how beautiful her simplicity was


All she would seek 

was the light

when others find it within her



Akin to the heart

and the soul

nobody could lift spirits like her


She basked vibrantly 


Like a sunflower


If you broaden up your perception

get rid of deception from misconception

study his(story's) oppression

truly listen to lyrical confession

realize our worlds interception

& the societal rejection by government redirection

the tension in objection

causing infectious possession of protection

depression from obsession of imperial ascension

our political deflection of unfairness in every re-election

domino effects for each passing generation

find collections of dissections

in routine impressions




a soulful connection

through a purposeful projection

the good in every intention

beauty of imperfection

acceptance of self expression

compassion for every dimension

walk in a new redemption 

hold hands with every color and complexion

common ejection of appreciation

meet at the intersection

passion for your profession

solidarity for introspection


then your eyes may see our world

in its innocence and reflection




Our first home.


Qué increíble es la mujer

to be able to carry life within life,

to house another being within her being.

Tan ponderosa -

you have all it takes to awaken a spirit.




None of us would be here without you.

Eres tú

la que hace milagros.

Eres solamente tú

con el jardín

que florece la flor de la vida.


Mamá -


what makes the woman so beautiful,

la artista del mundo.


You create a family from two beings.

You transform men into fathers.

You turn houses into homes.

You make dreams become realities.

You make the world go round.




The embodiment of love -

tú amor no se compara.


You discovered an infinite love for me

before you even knew

what I looked like

or what I'd come to offer this world.


Me tienes confianza.






You pushed the boundaries

of your temple, your forest

to make me possible.


You continue to shower me with

tu amor infinito

that will be felt

for many lifetimes


and for those who took on the role

of being a mother

because the one who flourished the seed

is absent -


eres extraordinaria(o).




The ultimate being -


You are Light.

You are Love.

You are nourishment.

You are nurture.

You are the moon and the sun.

You are possibility.

You are a God.



Te amo.

A Love

She knew her beauty,

when realizing how different she is.

She understands,

and she listens,

and she smiles.


No shame, did she have,

in knowing what love she's worthy of -


A love so unconditional,

she forgets what it felt like to question herself

A love so infinite,

the universe was mused by it

A love so connected,

she literally felt his soul latch to hers

A love so beautiful,

the flowers couldn't wait for spring to bloom

A love so inspiring,

she discovered

and created and fulfilled all her dreams.

You Left Me

You left me.


I feel as if we entered

a war together

that neither of us signed up for


And you left me

in the battlefield 


to fend for myself,

to figure a way out on my own


I lay next to the garden 

we planted together


In hopes to find that there is 

at least one flower

that has survived the turmoil


That one flower that signifies

our roots are so strong

something is still alive and blooming


Where there was once only sunshine

and rainbows after rain

there are only cloudy skies here now


When the sun does peek

through a window


the clouds move so fast 

it does not last long


You left me.


I did not plan for this

I did not plant for this


And the war is not over


I still see the damage 

the battlefront has left behind


I still hear the chaos

that sits in the midst of silence


I still am that one survivor

who's still exploring the remains of a war zone


That one survivor 

that doesn't even know 

where to begin to search


That one survivor

surrounded by empty foundations

of buildings and homes

that were once filled

with laughter and love and life


You left me.


But that's the thing

I'm a survivor


In the distance,


I hear the winds 

make the leaves of a tree dance,


I hear the chirps of a lonely bird

whos song I recognize is not one

you'd hear in the wake of 

a good morning

but in the wake of a mourning


I close my eyes 

and I realize 


That even though this war

has left dust in the air,

the air is still clean enough 

for my lungs to inhale 

and keep me alive


You left me.


I'm laying next to the garden 

we planted together


And I notice what an unexpected war

does to life


I'm alone now

and I think I'm the only flower

left to bloom

You Are Made To Love

You are not hard to love.

And no,

this isn't some poem dedicated to a certain somebody.

I'm talking about you,

and you,

and you.


You are not hard to love.

Yes, I may not know you

but I do know you have purpose.


You are not hard to love.

Because anything made with life 

is made with love

and darling your are full of it.


You are not hard to love.

Made from stardust,

a bundle full of energy,

who's frequency is currently in my space.


You are not hard to love.

Nothing would be the same 

without your existence,

without the love you have in you to give.


You are not hard to love.

Because nobody is like you,

because you have a mind of your own,

and there is power behind your word,

creations to be made with your hands.


So remember,

you are not hard to love.

In fact, you were made to love.


We all are.


The sunflower on her own could only do so much

to reach her full potential

to share her gifts with the world


She knew


The sunflower knew how much she has to offer


When the honeybee came along, he helped her


He turned to her for sweetness

and only did the honeybee know how to properly approach her


The honeybee knew which seasons she was at her best

and which she was at her worst


He knew her & her ways

Her & her sunflower ways


Sunflowers aren't good at experiencing darkness

for they can only thrive under sunny days


The sunflower could easily get lost

but the sunflower can just as easily turn to the light


Turn to the light & spread its warm energies


He recognized her in her brightest of days 

by the way she stood tall toward the sun 


And was patient during her off season

because the honeybee understood 

the ways of nature


So he helped her


He captured her nectar, 

collected her pollen 


and pollinated the world with her sweetness 

(for only he knew how to do that)


The honeybee helped her beyond her roots

so her gifts can reach the world 

and the world can blossom from her beauty


And although all honeybees could approach all sunflowers

this one honeybee stuck to this one sunflower in particular


For both this honeybee and this sunflower

witnessed that, overtime, their symphony & their romance had produced more honey


, and had flourished more flowers,


than any other harmony found in nature.


Loving you is magic.


For there is something so special

in knowing you a way nobody else does

in experiencing you a way nobody else gets to

in discovering you with the time nobody else is given


Being your safe haven

is something I do not take lightly

& your fragility is something I honor


Because deep down

I see me in you

& from learning to love myself 

I can properly love you


I see in you

a part of me 

& I see in me 

a part of you


A result that can only be created 

when two souls

become vulnerable to each other

& see the light


The same way

a sunflower is drawn to the sun


Loving you is magic.


For there is something so special

in seeing your canvas

& recognizing all the masterpiece

that you are

& knowing that there is so much

yet to be painted


While others may see a disaster

& you may see flaws 


All I see is a beautiful human being 

who's scars I want to kiss 

who's wounds I want to heal

& who's cracks I want to fill with my love


Have in me, the confidence to share

the universe flourishing inside of you

knowing that I'll enjoy getting lost

in the galaxies of your soul,

will find spectacles in every collision,

will gaze at all your brilliant moons,

& then you can feel the magic, too.