Our first home.


Qué increíble es la mujer

to be able to carry life within life,

to house another being within her being.

Tan ponderosa -

you have all it takes to awaken a spirit.




None of us would be here without you.

Eres tú

la que hace milagros.

Eres solamente tú

con el jardín

que florece la flor de la vida.


Mamá -


what makes the woman so beautiful,

la artista del mundo.


You create a family from two beings.

You transform men into fathers.

You turn houses into homes.

You make dreams become realities.

You make the world go round.




The embodiment of love -

tú amor no se compara.


You discovered an infinite love for me

before you even knew

what I looked like

or what I'd come to offer this world.


Me tienes confianza.






You pushed the boundaries

of your temple, your forest

to make me possible.


You continue to shower me with

tu amor infinito

that will be felt

for many lifetimes


and for those who took on the role

of being a mother

because the one who flourished the seed

is absent -


eres extraordinaria(o).




The ultimate being -


You are Light.

You are Love.

You are nourishment.

You are nurture.

You are the moon and the sun.

You are possibility.

You are a God.



Te amo.