2017 in Review: Lessons Learned and Goals Accomplished

2017 in Review: Lessons Learned and Goals Accomplished

I was looking back at last years list of 2017 goals to see how much of it I could cross off, how much of it was left hanging, and how much my goals have personally changed since then. In flipping through the pages of this notebook, I found a list of lessons I learned in 2016. So here I am, sharing my accomplishments to bask in New Years glory and share some old + new lessons.

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I can’t decide whether I want to write this in numbers or bullets… let’s try bullets since people have the tendency to think that there’s a level of importance when numbers are involved.

  • Just Feel Good. Focus on inner peace and self-love. The past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it, so why dwell on it? Your morals and your way of being is uniquely what makes you YOU, so feel good about them. Didn’t like how today went or how you dealt with a certain situation? Feel good, there is another day tomorrow. Don’t want to wait for tomorrow, simple, deal with it now and feel better. Be selfish in the sense that you recognize what you are worth without feeling guilty about it. If feeling good means letting go… do it.
  •  Money. Oh how I love and hate you. And this year, I am owning you. No… I do not mean I am getting money, what I mean is I am not letting the money own me. You see, I need to be more like my mother. Pay what you have to pay, fix what you have to fix, and don’t forget to save a little money on the side. Period.
  • Obtain a good internship. After three years of being in college, I have learned that experience is extremely important. In fact, having experience can be worth a lot more than just being able to say you have a degree. But do not just get any internship, get an internship that you will learn from in an area of work that interests you. I have had a few internships but to be honest each of them weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, each were very valuable but this time around I will focus on landing an internship that I will get out as much as I put in.
  • Rekindle. Rekindle yourself to something you have lost touch with and miss. I myself need to rekindle my relationship with French. Ever since I got back from living in Paris in the summer of ’13, I have not spoken or written French besides with the friends I made over there through Facebook. I miss being revolved and infatuated by this beautiful, elegant language. So I am going to find someone I can hold French conversations with. I refuse to let it slip away and so should you (with whatever it is that you miss).
  • Meet people. Not just people though, inspiring and ambitious individuals. These are the kind of people that add excitement and motivation into your life! Put yourself out there and discover the side where the grass is always greener. That’s what I plan on doing through JRecognize… and I hope you all enjoy my journey.
  • Love yourself enough to nurture your body. Whether it’s through fitness, dance, clean eating, or walking your dog… do what makes your body feel good. I have never realized how much I appreciate a happily nurtured body as much I do now after having a kidney stone. Going from the best to the worst shape of my life in the time span of three weeks has motivated me to turn my personal Instagram page into an inspiring fitness transformation.
  • Be more in tune with music. I can’t remember what year it was exactly but I do recognize the fact that there was a sudden change with my relationship with music. I use to just hear music, dance to the beat at parties. But I went through a dark period in my life, back in middle school, and I discovered music as more than just a tune. Ever since then music has moved me in ways I can’t even explain. And I realize that not everybody has this ear for it. Whether I start recording songs or learn piano or join a hip-hop crew… I am going to be a part of music.

Be realistic with your list (or however you’re Feel Good Fourteen looks like). But what is most important is that you recognize what it is that makes you feel Good.