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2017 in Review: Lessons Learned and Goals Accomplished

I was looking back at last years list of 2017 goals to see how much of it I could cross off, how much of it was left hanging, and how much my goals have personally changed since then. In flipping through the pages of this notebook, I found a list of lessons I learned in 2016. So here I am, sharing my accomplishments to bask in New Years glory and share some old + new lessons.

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The First Initial Steps to Finding Your Purpose

As someone who is interested in a million things, has many passions, and didn't know where to even start or what to pursue, the best advice (from personal experience) I can give is to just start doing! Answers reveal themselves as you continue to follow the right-feeling things. This post isn't just to share my advice on finding your purpose in life but also to serve as something even I can refer back to!

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