Why Your Eyes Should Be On Young One Era (& His New Video)

First of all, let me just say, it was genius for Young One Era to collaborate his soon to release project, UNDRSTMTD, with Tucson's hottest streetwear brand, The Underestimated City (REP TUC), because it embodies all that he is as an artist - underestimated. 

The visual for Young One Era's "Grindin & Grindin," (which is featured in UNDRSTMTD) that just dropped today gives us all that dose of dopeness that hints at his up and coming career as an artist. It's that sneak peak that drops a bomb in the Hip Hop scene, making you become eager to witness what comes next. 

If "Grindin & Grindin" doesn't make you bop your head and press replay, I don't know what will. 

Shot by the talented Tucson videographer, Miggy, and featuring Johnny Redd, this video is honestly the crispiest and freshest to come out of this city. 

From close up's to slo-mo's, from panning over the city of Tucson to abrupt transitions that just work, this music video does its justice. 

Who needs an exaggeration of gold chains and Doberman Pinscher's when you have Young One Era's delivery? Ha. 

Yes, the fact that he is only 17 years old really is a bonus. Hip Hop thrives on the young emcees that preach all the right bars - and all the right moves for that fact. Young One Era has four full projects (one officially sponsored), five official music videos and a handful of performing experience in his pocket. Young One Era has proved that age is neither an obstacle nor a weakness in making it in the game. 

Now, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself by saying he's "made it" (because we all know you have to stay hungry in Hip Hop) but Young One Era has definitely made his statement in the local Tucson scene and is making the right steps towards the industry. 

All in all, Young One Era is that hidden gem in the city that's not so hidden anymore. 

Happy 44th Birthday Tupac

June 16th, 1971 - a Hip Hop legend was born.

Still idolized to this day, Tupac had the juice, the knowledge, the character, the hunger of an ambitious and passionate not just rapper but humanist, too. From bookworm to poet, actor to artist, and thug to activist, Tupac remains (and will forever remain) an idol of the culture.

Every Tupac aficionado knows there was so much more to Tupac than the uncensored, big mouthed and strong willed individual. He was true to his artistry and real to the people, which is what made him to be loved by so many. 

Below is the Tupac fix you've feened for all day in celebration for the icons birthday (and every other day).

You're welcome.



Unfortunately, it's not so easy to legally find a full movie to watch online (especially if it's from the '90s) but if you're a risk taker and you're dying to watch a Tupac film, check out these three trailers below and Google away!