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Transitioning from the Tech to Creative World with Enkrypt Los Angeles

With Los Angeles photographer and videographer, Enkrypt, we discuss picking up the camera for the first time, taking the scary leap from the tech world to self-employed artist, capturing the LA streets, the importance of failing, and more. 

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The Vulnerable Entrepreneur, Vivian Nuñez: When Writing Keeps You Alive

Vivian Nuñez is a mover and creator. A digital work strategist and freelance writer for publications including: Forbes, Medium, MTV, and Popsugar - she has paved her own path and planted seeds of intention along the way. Creator of Too Damn Young and a podcast showcasing Latina entrepreneurs, Creating Espacios, her work focuses on entrepreneurship, shedding light in dark spaces, and on vulnerability/grief. Vivian pushes boundaries and speaks on it.

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