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Eight Q's with Tucson Hip Hop Festival Speaker: Soren Baker

With over 3,500 articles under his belt for publications including (but not limited to) The New York TImes, XXL, and The Source, Soren Baker's discussion at the 2018 Tucson Hip Hop Festival will not be one to miss as he shares his experience as a white journalist in the Hip Hop Industry. Here are eight q's with Soren Baker.

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Scott Volpe: Restaurant Owner, B-Boy, and World Champion

Fiamme Pizza founder and head pizzaiolo, Scott Volpe, is a mover and shaker of Tucson, AZ. Starting from working behind-the-scenes at restaurants to now owning one, everything he is involved in has come full circle (like a pizza). Volpe shares his journey with us as a business owner, a b-boy in the city, and life after becoming World Champion.

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