Some Aspects I Am (Personally) Excited About For This Years Tucson Hip Hop Festival


Every year I feel like we always have some new aspect(s) to look forward to. Last year was the first year we closed down the street to extend our festival grounds, this year we are extending our festival from one day to four. And it doesn’t even end there.

As the Director of the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, I wanted to share a few things that I am really looking forward to and hope I get the chance to enjoy. (By the way, of course, I am excited about everything but this is a short-list of unique aspects you should really look out for).

Four Days of Fun

For the first time in our four years of existence, we are extending our festival from one day to four! Each and everyday is something different and in collaboration with a local organization that we feel are extremely valuable to the community and the culture.

I am really looking forward to the zine workshop and open mic with Ojala Systems on Wednesday, March 06th - the first of all our events. Check out all the programming taking place prior to the main day of the festival below:

Ojala Event flyer final.jpg
Kick Off at Monsoon Flyer.jpg
Breakfast With THe Mayor Flyer-min.jpg
Mentorship Flyer.png
Panels Flyer-min.jpg

A Day Dedicated to Knowledge

We’ve always had our panel discussions take place on the main day of the festival but this year I suggested we take panels out of the main day and give it its own day! From there, we added on some cool programming that will take place before the panels start: breakfast with the mayor and 1-on-1 mentorship.

I am hoping that moving the panels to its own day not only invites more community members to join but also feels more comfortable for attendees to stay. I think every year it’s been hard for attendees to sit down for an hour when there’s so much action going on outside at the same time.

The 1-on-1 mentorship is going to be awesome, too. We are passionate about providing artists resources, and seeing them sign up for most slots already warms my heart. This day is going to be awesome! (See flyers above).

Opioid Discussion

Speaking of panels… we have a really cool panel on our line-up that will be focusing on the opioid crisis sponsored by Prime Leaf. I don’t know why I am this excited for this specific talk but I am. I feel like it’s not only going to be such an informative discussion but also so important.


Every single year… I have wanted to incorporate a car show in some way, shape or form to our festival - specifically lowriders. And this year we finally were able to arrange that. We are officially manifesting a cooler entrance to the festival and I cannot wait for everybody to see it and want to take pictures in front of it!


Live Graffiti

This is hands down one of my favorite aspects of our festival every year. Live art is just so awesome. This year our graffiti panel structures will be different (last year they were shaped like cubes), so I am looking forward to seeing what that looks like irl!

By the way, we have graffiti artists from Sonora, and I love that.

Graffiti Announcement.jpg

The Underachievers

I feel like our headliner every year is just so unique and different from what we’ve had prior and I always look forward to closing out the festivities with our last, final act that we bring in. The Underachievers are super dope to me and I am happy to host them this year.


Honorable mention… our graphic designs this year have been so fire (i.e. all flyers above) thanks to Maxwell “Mylkweed” Gay and I’ve been excited about that this whole time.