Era Releases Solid Studio Album "ROUTINE"

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Tucson-bred Hip Hop artist originally known as "Young One Era," now simply (yet powerfully) Era, just released his first official album since moving closer to the music in Los Angeles. And it's solid. 

Fans from home have been a witness from a distance the journey of Era's new beginning in the bigger West Coast city and have been eager to see how it'd influence his sound and artistry, apparent in ROUTINE

The seven-track album features guest artists including up-and-coming Urias, as well as Ian Thomas, Sainvil, Aura de la Luna, and Wavvvy. 

Era opens ROUTINE along with Urias with a track wishing to go back to the times when a relationship was easier. Now on the brink of assumption causing Era to "Lose My Mind", Urias' soothing voice wants to level with the pressure, desiring a peace of mind. 

To follow, "Like That" is the song you want to memorize and dance to while getting ready to step out with the homies, then replay in the car on the way to the function. "Like That" will have the girls (and the boys) feelin' themselves.

Of course, a mention of Era's new environment, "California" doesn't feel like home. A moody tempo for a moody chorus: "say goodbye, never lookin' back, everything was said, go and pack your bags."

A smooth transition, "West Side / Homies" starts with some acoustic, almost nostalgic vibes to paint a picture of the California coastline and Arizona sunrise before it's shift to a heavier part two. 

 Featuring Villz, "Avenue" rightfully expresses Era's move and money making hustle. This continues through "Foreign," as Era only plans to keep winning.

The last track of the project is titled, "Nena" and it's a beautiful ode to the growth of a special girl in Era's life. It ends ROUTINE on a pretty, "I miss and love you" tip. 

The studio album is a solid release by Era, giving off an energy of growth and emotions behind life transition; depicting a picture of the ROUTINE.

And by the way, I am really digging the incorporation of the guitar in Hip Hop.