Masego Drops New Album "Lady Lady" and Velvet Remix Video


Jazzy R&B artist Masego just released his new 14-track album titled, Lady Lady

Introducing the vibe of the whole project with a silky piano-heavy track, this album is just what a Masego fan expected and more. More jazzy vibes, more sways, more hints of Hip Hop and big band influences. The multi-talented artist utilized all his skills to create Lady Lady. Masego raps, sings, loops, incorporates the piano and sax and provides us with yet another video that shows us doing his thing. 

And is it just me or does "Sugar Walls" remind you of Aaliyah?

The last two tracks are our Masego fave "Tadow," one being an extended version.

Guest appearances include Tiffany Gouché and Wayne Jackson.

Below you can watch the just dropped Velvet Remix for track ten, "Lady Lady," as well as listen to the new album on Spotify.