The Long Anticipated NoName Album: "Room25"


Sometimes all it takes is one album. Sometimes it just takes one album for everyone to recognize an incredibly unique and special artist. For myself, that was artists like Mac Miller, Kehlani, and Frank Ocean. NoName is also one of them.

Her album Telefone that released in 2016 was just enough for everyone to highly, highly anticipate the next album, which came two years later. Last night, NoName dropped Room25 and I was immediately reminded why we all fell in love with this artist from the get go.

Rarely (for me at least) do artists that fall under the category "Just One Album and I Am In Love” disappoint with what they come out with next. Simply because you’ve got to be really different and unique to fall under that category to begin with. When it comes to NoName, it’s the delivery; her voice, her rhymes, and taste in production aren’t like anyone else’s I could directly compare to.

Room25 gives us that same delivery we fell in love with but provides a fresh enough album to where we’re not listening to the same thing.

She starts with “Self,” where she exercises her wordplay over a lovely, jazzy piano melody. NoName confronts that rappers only rhyme about money and pu**y, and makes it a point to showcase her own rhyming skills. It comes back around and ends with “no name,” where she mentions being approached by record labels (“so many names don’t exist”) and the only thing royal possession she has is life itself.

Somehow, NoName manages to successfully spit (hard, yet poetically) over the sweetest joints. I love that about her.

The 11 track album features guest artists including: Adam Ness, Phoeiix, Ravyn Lenae, Smino, Saba, Benjamin Earl Turner, and Yaw.

I feel like I’d really enjoy an instrumental version of this album. Can’t imagine how beautiful it’d be to listen to it live.