As My Friend or Colleague, Here's What You Can Recommend Me For



The other day I was eating pizza with a friend (Peter Piper Pizza to be specific... even more specific a well-done pepperoni pizza) and he asked me what my "elevator pitch" was. 

I'd be lying if I said that I am not still working on solidifying this. My skillset and work experience is just so diverse, I am still figuring out what the best couple sentences are that encompass everything I have achieved and all that I can offer. 

After answering his question in a very broad, non-specific, unhelpful way, I noticed the look of slight dissatisfaction and confusion on his face. 

I then said something like, "Look, I helped build a successful, annual festival from the ground up and that forced me to learn and take on so many different positions. Because of that, my skillset is so diverse and I feel confident offering many different services. I've been involved with and have curated large festivals to small, intimate workshops."

I explained that I feel like I'd be selling myself short if I simply said I only offer something specific like vendor relation or strategic partnership services. I know it's important to be specific, which is why I tailor what I say depending on who the potential client is. 

He completely understood and was satisfied with that. But it left me thinking... because I offer various services and most of my friends just see me up to a lot of different ventures, what can my friends and colleagues recommend me for when they are at work or at an event or speaking to a potential lead?

If you have worked with me before, you probably know what you can endorse me for. Otherwise, here's where you can recommend me:

Event Production Aid 

When in doubt, anything relating to an event (or experiences as I prefer to call them), I am your gal! Whether someone needs help putting systems in place bts, unique programming to be brainstormed, or simply needs a helping hand on-site, please feel free to recommend me. 

Events are what I have the most experience in. A couple examples:

With FORM Festival, I aid the weekend of the actual event. This year I helped them with managing their box-office, which is actually an extremely important leg of a large production (it's also the first impression the brand gets from artists and attendees). I am hoping to have an even more extensive role leading up to the event next year. 

With DUSK Music Festival, I am aiding in several different sectors, including: social media content curation, sponsor/vendor relations, community outreach/strategic partnerships, and some consulting. 

Events in general just have so many moving parts. Most of the time, I find myself attending an event and personally brainstorming ways the event could've done something better to optimize their experience/brand awareness. 

Content Curation 

Whether it's developing a website, needing a rebranding on social platforms, or simply a freelance writer, I am your gal! 

Content can be many different mediums: blog, social posts, video, photography, even events are a form of content (such as programming). And if I personally can't produce something, I have a large network of creatives to pull from to help make it happen. 

Content curation I am selective about because I am passionate about creating content that is valuable, not redundant. Aside from that, I make sure that I am knowledgable in that field. I honestly can't see myself writing blog posts about neuroscience. 

All in all, sometimes brands/companies just don't have the time to create content for their website or other digital channels. Feel free to send them my way and I'll see what can be done!


Sometimes the only thing that somebody knows is that they are releasing a new product and they want to create a whole experience around it. Or all they know, is that they have an idea for a brand but need help figuring out where to go from there. Maybe they already have an event going but have a feeling it could be optimized in some way. 

I love ideas and I love taking ideas to the next step. If you ever find yourself talking to a company or individual stuck on an idea or project, I'm your gal! 


Thank you so much for reading this, and thank you for thinking of me. I truly appreciate your support and desire to help me exercise my skills! 

Please feel free to give a potential lead my contact info ( or have them come to my website!

P.S. I am happy to travel to other cities to help make experiences or great content happen!