FORM Festival: An Intimate Music Experience in the Desert


Since I found out I'd be joining the team earlier this year, I was so eager and excited to experience FORM. A festival slash retreat holding space in Arcosanti, Arizona - a small, prototype eco-city with beautiful architectural design. The line-up included Flying Lotus, SKRILLEX, Daniel Caesar, CHARLI XCX, and many other incredible artists of the like.

It was my first time "attending" FORM, and also my first time ever visiting Arcosanti (I write attending in quotations because I really worked rather than attended). Needless to say, I totally fell in love with experiencing both!


As soon as I got on site, I stepped into my position and went to work. So I honestly didn't get to see much through the weekend! Because of that, I woke up extra early every morning (around 5/6 a.m.) just to explore the festival grounds and be in awe of Arcosanti's colosseum-like, futuristic aesthetic. This explains why I have way more photos of the space rather than the festival happenings themselves. 

I totally didn't mind missing out on experiencing most of the festival itself (something I am completely used to, especially with my own festival). The FORM team is incredible and it was such a joy not only working with my box-office team, but being around a bigger collective of people just as passionate as myself in being behind-the-scenes and a part of the production of an amazing experience.

Whenever I'm brought onto a team that creates something bigger than themselves, I feel so blessed for the opportunity. And FORM is definitely creating a beautiful, intimate space for musical performers, activists, nature-lovers, and many artists of the like.


I caught a couple panel discussions and a few performances here and there during lunch breaks and at the end of each night. What caught me off guard (and was an extremely pleasant surprise) was that I literally would catch passing scents of either burning palo santo or sage at every performance. It was so lovely. 

I discovered a handful of artists that won me over as a fan. The whole line-up honestly was curated so perfectly. The musical shift from one stage to another flowed like water and was pleasant to the ear. 

There was one artist on the whole line-up that I was crossing my fingers I'd have the chance to catch and I did! I even had the extra half-hour to grab myself a seat in the second row. That artist was Daniel Caesar.


One of the aspects that makes Arcosanti such a unique space for a festival is the intimacy. The attendees were able to catch the intimate moments of sound checks, stage set-ups, and sit so close to their favorite artists. To add, there was no bad seat in the house - ever.

That being said, having had the opportunity to watch Daniel Caesar at the distance I did was so incredible and was definitely recognized as a once in a lifetime experience for any festival goer.

It was such a beautiful performance! And I am so happy I was able to catch it.


If the attendees weren't watching an artist perform or inspirational activists speak on a panel, they were buying food from food trucks, soaking up sun, sitting (or even napping) on green grass, and/or meeting fellow festival goers. The demographic of people that attend FORM are so kind. 

I met plenty of lovely folk.


I'm looking forward to the next FORM festival and retreat. I am positive everyone else is too. 

If you're looking to revitalize in a unique setting, listen to soothing music, and be out in the desert, I definitely suggest you look into buying yourself a ticket (and yes, the one that includes camping access). 

Click here to head on over to the FORM festival website. Click here to listen to the FORM Spotify playlist (I have been doing so repeatedly prior and post fest). 

See more photos of FORM at Arcosanti below.