On the Corner of Mercer St. and Bellvue Ave.: Harry's Fine Foods


The Airbnb I'm currently staying at for my weekend in Seattle holds space above a restaurant called Harry's Fine Foods. Tucked on a corner in the neighborhood district of Capitol Hill, this restaurant is everything you'd imagine a "restaurant with an apartment above it" would look and feel like - quaint, friendly, and unique. 


Harry's Fine Foods is just that - fine foods, offering counter service for brunch and lunch with table service in the evenings. 

Their menu has a nice variety of freshly prepared dishes but being a customer with simple taste and having had an appetite after travels, I was craving something homey and ordered their breakfast plate, which consists of: two eggs, bacon or sausage, baked beans, toast and jam.


This corner restaurant has a very relaxing vibe with rustic aesthetic and an adorable outdoor patio. All the tables had fresh flowers and a carafe of water with cups to self-serve. 

The meal and welcoming space with tons of natural lighting was the perfect first pit stop upon my arrival. 


Centrally located with just a twenty minute walk to downtown and Pike Place Market, you'll find Harry's Fine Foods at 601 Bellvue Ave East, Seattle, WA. It is open Wednesday-Friday, 11am-9pm and Saturday-Sunday, 9am-2pm.