A Historical Opening for Downtown Tucson: AC Marriott Hotel


It is a historical day in Tucson, as downtowns first hotel in 40 years is opening its doors! Hosting its first guests tomorrow (Thursday, September 21), the highly anticipated AC Marriott hotel has been under construction since December of 2015 and is in partnership with local businesses including CIMA Enterprises (for hotel management and development) and FORS Architecture + Interiors (for interior design). 

The eight-story building includes 136 rooms, a lobby bar, fitness center, pool deck with spectacular downtown views, meeting space, retail space, and parking. 


The whole design and feel of the hotel is very modern, classic, minimalist and chic. With much attention to detail, it is a beautiful blend of AC Marriott standards and the Tucson culture. Arizona's 'Five Cs' were of much influence: copper, cattle, climate, cotton, and citrus.

Throughout the space you'll notice red accents (inspired by the University of Arizona), succulents and air plants, marble and Earth tones. 


There's plenty of seating in the lobby and can I just add that I absolutely love their book selection? Of course I noticed this and had to point it out. Thus, don't be surprised if you catch me reading in the lobby on one of their beautiful chairs sipping on one of their signature drinks from the lobby bar. 

All of their drinks are of high standard and taste fresh. Their citrus zests and juices are prepped and squeezed in front of you, if not right before you walked up to the bar. When you pay a visit, I highly recommend you order their signature Street Car (with a side of their avocado toast while you're at it). 

Signature street car includes spiced rum and cointreau, fresh lemon, simple syrup, shaken with a quarter of orange, and a cinnamon sugar rim

Signature street car includes spiced rum and cointreau, fresh lemon, simple syrup, shaken with a quarter of orange, and a cinnamon sugar rim

warm olives

warm olives

Fresh cheese and meat board

Fresh cheese and meat board

The rooms are designed with comfort, minimalism, and necessity in mind. You won't find things like closets or drawers, anything that guests typically don't make use of and only take up space. 

My favorite aspects of the rooms are the reading lights (obviously), USB outlets (hello 2017), the entirety of the bathroom (so modern and just gorgeous), and the views! Not only do the rooms have amazing downtown Tucson views but also the end of every hallway! You'll find yourself whipping out your phone to snap some pictures, without a doubt.


The pool deck is on the sixth floor, with the color red being the main accent. Like the lobby, there is plenty of seating by the bar and by the pool.

All I could picture here is Arizona sun tanning and warm Tucson nights with a beautiful night view of downtown and the Catalinas!


Not only is this a historical opening for the city of Tucson but it's also an awesome addition to downtown overall. Tucson is one of the few, first cities that was selected by AC Marriott in their expansion to the United States from Spain. 

AC Marriott hotel is located at 151 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ, 85701. Visit them online and make a reservation here.