Eight in the Morning at Oddfellows Cafe and Bar


Last Sunday morning I wanted to explore as much of Seattle as I possibly could. I had done plenty research on must-sees, must-eats, and must-dos before this weekend venture - so glad I did. 

Being the early bird that I am, I woke up just before seven in the morning and was eager to get out into the crisp, Seattle morning air to begin what came to be an adventurous day. I couldn't have made a better decision than by starting it at Oddfellows Cafe and Bar - a popular brunch spot that popped up in my touristy Google searches several times. 


When my Uber dropped me off on 10th Avenue, I fell in love with that whole block. Unknowingly, Oddfellows is surrounded by cute boutiques, a lovely bookstore, and a record store - perfect for the solo traveler who enjoys walking and exploring a new city (and especially perfect for me, someone who loves music and books).

Already happy with my decision, I walk into the cafe minutes after eight o'clock and was the first guest there, as the baristas and servers were still opening up shop. Windows propped open, sunshine letting in, and The Internet playing in the background, I was prompted to sit wherever I'd like. 

Of course, I sat right in front of their big open windows where the sunrise was greeting me.


Being that I arrived right as they opened, I was only able to start my order with a drink and anything from their fresh pastry selection. They don't start taking orders from their menu until nine a.m., which was totally fine for me. I had that one hour window before ordering food to sip a soy vanilla latte (my typical coffee order), do some reflective journaling and continue reading The Voice by Angie Martinez.


Their brunch selection offers a good variety of dishes. I ended up doing a custom order of two over medium eggs, roasted potatoes, bacon (might have been the most bomb bacon I've ever had by the way), and a homemade biscuit (so good). As you can see, I'm basic when it comes to breakfast - and I never regret it.

The guests seated next to me ordered their Summer Vegetable Hash and Eggs Benedict, though, and they looked delicious.


I really took my sweet time that morning, just because Oddfellows was so welcoming and cozy. I didn't end up signing the bill and walking out until almost eleven a.m. (which means I was there about three hours - by myself). 

I mean... with friendly staff, delicious food, and beautiful decor, who would rush out of there? I will say that I'm happy I was the first to arrive. Come ten o'clock it was very busy! And I like easing into my first meal of the day. 

Not only do I totally recommend Oddfellows Cafe and Bar to Seattle visitors (and locals) but even more specifically, to anyone getting a table for one.