August: So, What Do You Have Coming Up Next?

The rest of this year holds some pretty awesome events for me and often when I get asked what I have coming up next, it feels like a long string of things! So, I figured it'd be easiest to start a new segment called, "So, What's Next," where I put the following months events I'm involved in all in one blog post! 

In the month of August, all the happenings are events that you can attend! Especially if you're in Tucson, Arizona. Each photo is linked, so if something catches your eye, make sure to click and register! I'm super excited for the month of August. Lots of fun and insightful events on the horizon!

August 1st - Coffee and Content

Coffee and Content is a blogger meetup that I started back in June, here in Tucson, AZ. Collaborations were made, blogs were talked about, and it's only going to keep getting better as we keep cultivating it! The next meetup is next week on Tuesday the first! If you're interested in blogs in any way, shape or form - make sure to save your seat! 

August 4th, 5th - TEDxTucson Speaker Auditions

This is one of my favorite TEDx events that we put on here in Tucson! The auditions are so fun to attend and watch because you get to see all the aspiring speakers in your community. Plus, you meet a lot of great people too. Just to clarify, the speakers to audition on stage have already been selected from our speaker application submissions! So come and watch them inspire you! 

August 7th - Connect with a Mentor

Connect Coworking is starting a new monthly called, "Connect with a Mentor," where the coworking space is open to the public after business hours in the late evening so you can get some work done! The cool part, though, is that each month will have a different, awesome mentor that you can sign up to get one-on-one time with. This August, I'll be the mentor and I'm pretty excited about it! 

August 12th - Bloom Freely Session One: Body Positivity

The Bloom Freely Co debut! This is the first session of the Bloom Freely self-care session series. Each session will revolve around a different theme based on the passion and expertise of the keynote speaker. I'm so honored to have Jes Baker, The Militant Baker, as the first keynote of the season! The theme is body positivity! If you're looking to get inspired and explore self-care/self-love - you definitely want to attend this!