What Being a Girlboss Looks Like (to Me)

The term "girlboss" is everywhere! I actually think it's being thrown around a bit too loosely. So while I'm actually a big fan of the word and the movement, I wanted to sit down and ask myself what being a girlboss looks like to me. 

I came up with six characteristics my kind of girlboss has. All in all, she's a bada** with feelings, determination, and persistence. 

She Owns It (Whatever "It" Is)

Whether she runs her own business or is just a gal with too many ideas, she's confident about what she does and who she is. Having to work a 9-to-5 while she gets her side hustles up and running doesn't discourage her. Having a lot of ideas doesn't stunt her growth. Owning a business doesn't stop her hunger to learn more and keep improving. She isn't emotionless but the criticism and misunderstanding of others doesn't stop her from pursuing her goals! She stays true to her vision and owns it the whole way through. 

Dreams See the Light of Day

In other words, dreams aren't just dreams. Girlbosses take action and make dreams happen! It could take months, maybe years, but when she's truly passionate about an idea, the idea comes to life! If she's a creative with too many ideas, she starts somewhere. If she's a gal with a vision bigger than herself, she takes baby steps. Dreams come true for girlbosses, whether they're successful or not - they happen.

A Friend of Failure

Failing sucks but she's aware that failure is a part of the process. So when it happens, she overcomes it and understands that all mistakes, all failures, carry a valuable lesson. So instead of moping around and giving up, she sees failure almost like a tough love friend that teaches her how to do things better the next time around. Bring it on!

Welcomes Change

The path to making dreams come true is never linear, thus, change is a given. Rather than making matters more difficult, change is welcome for girlbosses. It may catch her off-guard, it may come unexpectedly but when it comes, she figures it out. If plan B doesn't work, she takes on the rest of the letters in the alphabet. 

Isn't Fearless

Taking risks, trying something new, and being fearless is non-existent. But what differentiates a girlboss from anyone else is the fact that fear doesn't stop her. She may be scared about what it'll take to bring an idea to life, she may be scared about what the outcome may be, but she's going to give it a shot anyhow. In other words, nothing will stop her from living the life of her dreams!

Wants Others to Succeed

A girlboss doesn't bring others down when she's up. A girlboss also doesn't bring others down when she's down. If she's living the dream, she's passionate about helping others realize they can too. If she's down on her luck, she doesn't secretly hope others fail. She loves to see others succeed! She's enjoys helping others when she can! And she believes the Universe is abundant and we all can win.