How a 9 to 5 Can Benefit the Aspiring Entrepreneur

With self-employment and freelancers on the rise, a 9 to 5 job seems like nothing but a drag - for the aspiring entrepreneur that is. However, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur currently in a traditional job and are dying to get out, keep in mind that experiencing the opposite of what you desire can actually help you out in the long run.

If you change your perspective and look at your traditional job like an internship, where you're there to simply soak up all the knowledge you can and it's temporary, you focus more on learning from that position than grieving about being someplace you don't want to be - and oh yeah, it's a paid internship! The trick is to find a 9 to 5 you actually kind of enjoy (even though you know you won't be there forever) and is in relatively the same field you want to be in. 

Now, this doesn't mean you can get comfortable at your 9 to 5 if you're trying to start your own business but rather, it is possible to learn from working for someone else while you're headed towards being your own boss (and yes, that does mean you need to work on your dreams after hours). To name a few things you can pick up from your traditional job - see below.

The Management

What do you admire about your boss? Are they a good leader? Do they make you feel valued and appreciated? Or perhaps, what don't you like about your boss? And why? If you were to be your own boss (and more than likely, eventually someone else's boss) what would you do different? Take mental notes about what characteristics you'd like to adopt from your current boss and what characteristics you wouldn't. Don't only take notice of their character towards you, though. Also take notice how they lead your team as a whole!

The Coworkers

Same thing with your coworkers. What kind of dream team would you like to have when you own your own business? Do you feel like you and your coworkers support each other? If not, what do you think would help improve this? By being observant of these things now, you'll be more aware of how you can create your dream team when the time comes.

The Routine

Is part of the reason why you want to be your own boss because you don't want to work on someone else's clock? Or do you surprisingly enjoy having the structure of working from nine in the morning to five in the evening? Knowing what system works best for you and is most efficient for you before you go off on your own could save you a lot of time (and even money). This is important.

The Atmosphere

Do you ever find yourself to be uncomfortable behind that desk? Is that darn chair hurting your back? Are those fluorescent lights giving you headaches? Is the background music making it hard for you to concentrate? Ask yourself these things while you're at work and see how you would do things differently that would help you be at your best while at work. What is your ideal workspace?

The Industry

It's really valuable to have a 9 to 5 in the industry you want to work in because then it really becomes like an internship. If you want to own a restaurant, it's probably a great idea to work at one (even if you're starting from the ground up). Is the company your working for succeeding or heading towards the dumps? Why? Is this industry you hope to work in on your own everything you ever imagined? Why or why not? What mistakes has the company you work for made in this industry that you can avoid in the future? In what aspects has the company succeeded that you'd like to take up? Soak it all in!

Making note of all of these things will highly benefit you while you get your own business running. If you actually put in the effort to learn from and analyze the company you work for, the people you work with and yourself, you will end up being ahead of the game when you kick that traditional job life to the curb. 

What are some things you've learned from your nine to five? Share in the comments below!