Love Coffee Bar with a Dose of Inspiration

This past weekend I took a trip with some girl friends to Los Angeles. We stayed at a quaint Airbnb in Santa Monica that was relatively close to the beach and all the main avenues. It was also coincidentally close to the home of an old friend of mine (only .8 miles away to be exact). What are the odds?

Saturday, the gals had prearranged plans to go to Six Flags for the day and well... I'm not a big fan of roller coasters, so I decided to take the day to myself and explore the once familiar area on my own in the morning and meet up with my friend in the afternoon. After all, I did have some work to catch up on and though I was on vacation, I do not mind one bit exploring another city and discovering a space that inspires work to get done.

Initially, I had planned to go to Urth Café (my very favorite café in LA) but I also had the desire to try something new. So I Yelped for café's nearby that had wi-fi and was work friendly and I stumbled upon Love Coffee Bar. 

I had seen some photos online and I just knew I had to visit. I mean, c'mon, it's a love themed cafe. Soon as I arrive, I set my stuff down and head to the barista for some coffee. They have some specialty drinks, so I went for their most popular - rosemary latte.

As I'm sitting there sipping my latte surrounded by locals, I'm greeted by the occasional gust of ocean air every time a fellow coffee lover walks in and out the shop. It's brisk, it's fresh and in the middle of reading an e-mail I find myself in a cloud of ultimate, euphoric inspiration. 

It happens sometimes where I'm sitting in the middle of doing something and all of a sudden it hits me. I wish I could put that feeling in a jar and bust it out whenever I please because it's absolutely magical.

There I was, inspired and all, envisioning the life of my dreams and realizing I'm already living a version of it - I'm traveling (even if it's not luxurious yet), I'm a writer (even though I may not have published any books yet), I'm event planning (even if my events may not be nationally known yet), and all the while my nine to five is actually pretty awesome. What more can I ask for at this very period of my life? Everything I'm involved in is only going to get bigger and better as long as I continue to be grateful for what I already have, consistently work hard, and am genuinely passionate in the journey of it all. I have learned that those have been key to all my successes. If anyone were to ever ask me what I think is essential for success, I would definitely bring these up!

Lately, I've constantly had these realizations of my reality and how much power I have in creating it. I have all the power. And so do you in creating your reality! As far as I'm concerned, we only have one shot at living the life of our dreams and well, if you really want it, you can have it. I truly believe that. 

In the midst of creating your life and chasing the dream, It is important to give recognition to where you stand in your journey today and reflect on how far you've come. Sometimes (used to be often), I catch myself criticizing how much more I could be doing or how much further in life and success I can be. But why do this to yourself? Comparison is a huge no, no in obtaining contentment for the here and now and in developing self-love and I think that's been the biggest factor for many of us in creating negativity.

If you haven't done so in a while, I recommend you take yourself out and do something that allows you to reflect on your journey. Whether it's going to a cafe across town, hiking the nearest trail, or even just exploring the cute back alleys of your neighborhood, do it soon and do it alone. Allow yourself to bask in the moment and in the glory of all you've done. Here, you'll find a dose of inspiration.