What I Wish I Also Said on The Get It Girl Show

Recently, I was interviewed in an awesome up and coming podcast called The Get It Girl Show. Of course, me being me, I started analyzing myself (pinch me if I ever say um in a conversation with you, please) and there are some things I'd like to add to the conversation! So, I decided to write up a post with some more deets on the topics that arose in the interview Jenna Rutschman held with me on her show. I also added the minute mark of each topic if you would like to refer back to the interview to hear where exactly we touched base on that theme. 

If you would like to hear the full podcast episode where I talk blogging, event planning, and ideas click here! Also, please leave a review on iTunes if you enjoyed it! 

Revamping My Blog (2:26)

Initially, back in 2014, I started my blog while in bedrest from kidney stones because I wanted to create a space for myself where I had creative freedom with my writing. I had a lot of inspiration and ideas with no place to showcase them. I pitched ideas to other publications and they weren't interested. So, JRECOGNIZE was born and in its infancy (I still wouldn't say three years later its full grown) my scattered brain was visible on the site. I have added and deleted so many different tabs and topics over the years. My blog, at one point, even had a menu of baked goods that I was selling at the time. 

A few months ago, it hit me. I needed to focus my vision for JRECOGNIZE and establish its "identity" if you will. I decided to rid of pretty much everything I had on the site and refocus/rebrand my blog. Although for some this may have felt like everything I had done leading up to this point was for nothing because it just got deleted, I did not feel this was the case at all. I knew this needed to happen and just like anything else in life, my blog had to have its journey of self-discovery before finding its main purpose (and it's still on a journey). 

Since the revamp (and my very much improved consistency), my blog audience has grown immensely.

Planning Interviews (7:40)

I honestly have no set plan other than making sure I at least publish one interview a week and send out a newsletter every Sunday. What I do when it comes to picking who to interview I honestly just live life and discover people who I want to interview. Whether it's someone I already know who inspires me and others or it's someone on Instagram that I really love following, I literally just reach out and ask if I can interview them. My purpose for wanting to interview someone is because they inspire me in some way, shape or form and I want to share that with my readers. Being confident in my genuine intention for asking to interview someone helps me in both approaching them and conducting the interview itself. I have no written down plan in regards to blog posts. I interview people when I have the time and I typically have at least a couple recorded interviews on deck at a time, which helps when I have really busy weeks and can't create a conversation with an upcoming feature. 

How to Get Better at Interviewing (10:39)

Practice, practice, practice! To be honest, interviewing has kind of become second nature to me just because it's something I do often. When someone asks me how to interview someone or how to get better at it, I remember being in that exact same position wondering how to be good at doing the darn thing. I really have no better advice than just do it and do it often! I promise, you'll get better at it soon enough. 

Time Management (16:25)

Making sacrifices is a no brainer when you are trying to pave your own path and are on a journey of self-discovery through lots of exploration. That's exactly what I'm doing. Why am I up to so many things? Because I am a sucker for learning and that's all I want to do right now. I'm super busy and have my hands in a lot of things but I love absolutely everything I'm involved in. I am also super confident that everything I am doing will lead to a bigger purpose. However, even with the sacrifices and the love I have for what I do, I'm still learning to manage my time more wisely. Such as cut my time on social media so I can bring back the exercise. It's a learning process! 

A Supportive Circle (22:25)

Being someone who is pretty busy, pretty young and full of ideas, it's really important to have likeminded individuals in your circle. I have found (in my personal journey) that being on a path of entrepreneurship and leadership and self-development requires high frequency energy and positive thinking! Whenever I've been on a road to success alongside negative persons, I have seen the impact it has on my growth and mentality. Sometime is takes distancing yourself from loved ones, losing old friends and even feeling alone at one point. But it's a part of the process and it's important to be aware of what's best for you and taking action on it!

Looking Years Younger than My Age (25:19)

At 23 years old (able to pass as an 18 year old), I own my appearance. I have been a teacher, I have had great accomplishments, I've travelled overseas alone, I've lived out of the parents house since high school, I'm paving my own way... at this point I am completely confident in my capabilities and could care less how I am perceived by someone who thinks I'm young and inexperienced - which happens often. People are constantly dumbfounded when they discover all that I do/have done and how old I really am. I conduct myself in a professional manner, I'm about my business but I am still young and I won't succumb to trying to act or look "older" to "fit in." I can do great things without having to change who I am or how I look and will continue to do so. Be confident in what you have to offer and stay true to your true self!

Hear the full podcast episode on The Get It Girl Show here!