Old Pueblo, Tucson

Last year, I went to a writing workshop for the Tucson Poetry Festival that was hosted at a cultural center called La Pilita. This center is located in what is considered Tucson, Arizona's "Old Pueblo," near downtown. 

I couldn't find parking, so I went about less than a block down the street and turned the corner, spotting a nice mesquite tree to park under. Stepping out of my car, I see the image above: Grove Market. Never having seen this before, I fell in love with the colors - the Southwest, rustic, Old Pueblo feel. 

A couple weeks ago, a melancholic evening dawned over me, so I decided to go for a drive. I remembered my desire to explore the Old Pueblo and cruised straight there. I'm not sure why but the beauty of this historic neighborhood made me feel content, inspired... in awe. I wanted to share all that I was seeing. 

Because of this inspiration, this gallery was born. Enjoy

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