12 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

Trying to figure out how to grow your Instagram following? Have you sought out ways to create a community or a bond between you and your followers? Maybe you just want to freshen up your gallery!

Whatever it may be, here's a list of 12 ways you can improve your Instagram page.

Consistent posting

Like in all aspects of life, people enjoy consistency. They chose to follow you for a reason, so keep on postin' and stick to a specific theme!

Choose a theme

Look at your Instagram profile like an art gallery. Why did people start looking at your gallery? Was it because all your posts are about healthy living or travel? Was it because the color scheme was pastel? Whatever it may be, choose a theme and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Shoot photos outside of the Insta cam

Don't limit your photo shooting capabilities to just the Instagram camera. See which camera works best for your style. Though it's not as easy or convenient to just use the camera in the app itself, see the difference it makes using a DSLR and transfer it to your smartphone!

Explore different photo editing apps

Just like your photo shooting capabilities, don't limit your photo editing to just the Instagram filters. VSCO is a pretty sweet photo editing app. Explore others!

Use natural lighting

Natural lighting is, hands down, the best. Unless the "theme" of your gallery is super filtered photos, make your photos the least filtered as possible. Use the golden hour or the blue hour! Experiment with light and see how you could use it to your advantage.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are great when used correctly. Make them specific. Using #dinner is more effective than #havingdinnerwithfriends. Don't use too many hashtags, though, because then your post just seems spammy!

Short and sweet bio

Your bio is the first thing (most) people see when clicking into your handle. So what's the first impression you want to give visitors when they want to know a little bit about you? Your name is a given. What do you do in life? What's your Insta theme? What do you absolutely love or stand for? Make it short, sweet, and to the point!

Geotag your photos

Tagging the location of your pictures is a great way to get local followers! Whether you're exploring a new city or capturing cool pictures in your own, using that geotag allows people in the community of that photo to find you. 

Post some videos

People love visuals! That's why Instagram is so loved. Now that we can post 3 to 60 second videos, make the most out of it! Share a mini clip of you venturing into downtown or of a beautiful destination you just hiked to. The more you provide the eyes of your genuine followers, the more they'll love swiping through your gallery!

Use "Instasnap"

Now that Instagram allows us to "Instasnap," it's an awesome opportunity to show off your personality to your followers! It's a new way to start a conversation and a new way to connect with those who enjoy looking at what you post.   

Find your peak hour

You can search what the prime time is for Instagram traffic but it also depends on the community of people you've developed on your page. Explore posting at different hours of the day and see which time your followers engage with you the most!

Caption wisely

Sometimes people like the cliché quote caption but sometimes... people don't. They just want to know what you posted and why you posted it! If you're going to write a long caption, make it genuine. Personal posts allow followers to connect with you on a deeper level.

Have a dope Instagram? Share your handle in the comments section below!