Five Blogs the Blogger (and Girlboss) in Me Loves

Alexandra Elle is one of my ultimate favorite girlbosses, writers, poets, and self-love advocates! Aside from her books, her Instagram feed, and her new awesome podcast called, "Hey, girl." - her blog Another Sunday is simply designed and created to house journal entries. Whether she's posting about self-care or about redesigning her daughters bedroom, Another Sunday is a blog you want to get cozy and drink green tea to.

Create and Cultivate

If you're a creative of any sort (and, especially, if you're a female creative), Create & Cultivate is a brand you want to get familiar with. Increasingly becoming well known for their women conferences held in major cities across the nation, their blog is pretty on point too. Aesthetically pleasing and content rich enough to want to browse all weekend. 


Bloguettes is girl blogger heaven (or just blogger heaven in general). Whether you want to read up on ways to be a better blogger or want to sign up for a webinar that will help you be a better blogger, Bloguettes is awesome just for that! Their blog has everything from features to self-development book reviews. Want to learn more about the founders? Click here to read our conversation.


Being a girlboss is all the rave now but there's actually a brand for it (if you weren't already aware). And, of course, a blog just for girlbosses is going to have the best content for women entrepreneurs. Girlboss was created by the ultimate girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, and all their blog posts are worth the read. Some are so creative too! Like one that questions whether stress is the latest status symbol. Whaaaaat?

P.S. I'm On My Way

Now this is a blog any travel bug can get lost in for days. P.S. I'm On My Way is so content heavy and full of travel goodness. By the time your done reading a few posts you'll probably find yourself packing your bags and headed who knows where but somewhere! 

Have a favorite blog that's not listed? Share in the comments below!