13 Habits That Drain Your Energy

Ever felt endlessly tired? You take naps, you feel like you're getting enough sleep... yet you still feel like you need a few more hours in bed. Maybe you are aware that you're not getting sufficient rest but still don't understand the never ending exhaustion. 

Well, with some research and personal experience, below are some of the day to day habits we do unknowingly that affect our energy and health.

Thinking & Speaking Negatively

Negativity in itself is a heavy energy to carry. It mentally and physically weighs you down. It can also be highly addictive to those with weak self-control. Once you begin feeding into negative thoughts, you start speaking and acting negatively. It drains you! Even something as "small" as getting frustrated about being stuck in traffic is energy that you are exerting due to negativity. Look on the bright side! Being stuck in traffic means you have more time to jam out or listen to your fave podcast.

Dwelling On the Past

If you are unable to move forward, you pretty much are avoiding the fact that life is constantly changing. Dwelling on your past causes you to not only to overthink things, but it distracts you from living in the now and enjoying the present moment. Constant, unhealthy grief depletes energy. Go ahead and grieve if needed, but grieve efficiently.

Taking Everything Personally

If you take everything personally, then you will be having a rough time, all the time. You'll begin doing the first two things listed above! What others think of you is none of your business. Move along.

Always "Having to Be Right"

Because this entails a never ending argument.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

This one is obvious. A healthy body and mind needs a good nights rest. This is essential. Don't overlook it.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it's the first source of energy you feed your body! When you skip breakfast, your body has nothing to run off of. Like a car with an empty tank of gas.

Feeding a Poor Diet

Lots of sugar and a diet with simple carbs (in other words, foods from a box or drive-thru window) may temporarily give you a spike of energy but it doesn't last long. Why? Because you need to keep your blood sugar steady to avoid sudden fatigue! Snack smart and make sure you have lean protein/whole grains in each meal.

Your Work/Home Space is Cluttered

A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind! Have you ever deep cleaned your car or house or desk and felt an, "Ahh, this feels good," moment? You feel like you can get so much more done now that your space is squeaky clean. Well, that's because messiness mentally exhausts you by restricting your ability to focus and process information.

Checking Your Phone Every 5 Seconds

Let me guess, you look at your phone as soon as you wake up. And you make sure you check your e-mails right before bed. Also, you have the habit of visiting all your social media apps throughout the day. Aside from your tech devices glaring light throwing off your body's natural circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin (when you use your devices at night), checking your phone every 5 seconds (exaggeration... hopefully) is unhealthy! We are in an age of distraction with all this technology. Take a break. Do your mind a favor and go stare at some flowers.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine (& Not Enough Water)

If you rely on drinking caffeine throughout the day for energy, that's no bueno! Caffeine naturally dehydrates you and disrupts your sleep-wake cycle. We know sleep is important. Now, being the slightest bit dehydrated affects your energy levels. Long story short, this is how dehydration affects you: it makes your blood thicker, thus causing the heart to pump inefficiently, and therefore reducing the speed at which nutrients and oxygen get to your muscles and organs! Sounds tiring, huh?

All Work, No Play

There's nothing wrong with being a hard worker but when you find yourself being unable to even enjoy yourself on a vacation then there's something wrong. Don't burn yourself out by working too much. It's awesome to be dedicated to your practice but brain breaks are necessary. Allowing yourself to unplug and rejuvenate will have you returning to your duties inspired, creative, and ready to be productive.

Doing Too Much at Once

Especially if you are a creative or visionary with too many ideas, doing to much at once not only exhausts the mind but can also cause you to be unproductive. Like the saying goes, "Less is more." You don't necessarily have to give everything up but allow a project to have your full attention (and be less scatterbrained). 

No Exercise

Exercise has actually been found to make one feel more energized. Skipping a workout because you're tired actually works against you. Constant and regular exercise helps the cardiovascular system run more efficiently and helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to your tissues. Even consistent, light workouts of just twenty minutes will have you feeling less fatigued! So next time you debate on whether or not to crash on the couch, go for that walk instead!

Have you found that something else drains your energy that's not on this list? Big or small, share in the comments below!