6 Ways to Become a Better Student

Sometimes in our studies, we get lost in the routine of our daily habits. At times, those habits help us succeed in school. Other times, not so much.

If you're looking to some ways to become a more productive student and a better learner, below are a few tips to get you there!

Ask Questions

We've all been there - confused about something the professor just lectured about and hoping someone takes the initiative to ask about it. Be the one to take initiative! Asking questions means more so that you are involved with the lecture rather than lost.

Be Curious

The moment you stop being curious about something is the same moment you lose the desire to learn more about it. Be curious about whatever it is that you're studying and conduct your own research! Go out of your way to teach yourself new things.

Own a Planner (& Use It!)

Creating the habit of using a planner to keep you and your "to do's" organized is one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself! Get into the routine of writing down the things you have to get done as soon as you find out about them!

Study (It's a Given)

The more you revisit your notes, the more you retain information. Try looking over what you wrote down in class that same night. Or browse through your professors presentation slides like you would Facebook. Brief, constant overlooks go a long way!

Pursue What You Love

When you love what you're studying and you're passionate about it, everything is just so much easier. You're eager and excited to learn. You want to grow as a student in that specific field of study. Pursuing what you love only gets you further faster (and happier)!

Stay Connected

Be informed always. Is there a study group your classmates are organizing every Wednesday at the library? Does your teacher have office hours every Monday and Friday morning? Find out and stay connected! Often it's easier to get studying done with a group of people dedicated to learn.