You Left Me

You left me.


I feel as if we entered

a war together

that neither of us signed up for


And you left me

in the battlefield 


to fend for myself,

to figure a way out on my own


I lay next to the garden 

we planted together


In hopes to find that there is 

at least one flower

that has survived the turmoil


That one flower that signifies

our roots are so strong

something is still alive and blooming


Where there was once only sunshine

and rainbows after rain

there are only cloudy skies here now


When the sun does peek

through a window


the clouds move so fast 

it does not last long


You left me.


I did not plan for this

I did not plant for this


And the war is not over


I still see the damage 

the battlefront has left behind


I still hear the chaos

that sits in the midst of silence


I still am that one survivor

who's still exploring the remains of a war zone


That one survivor 

that doesn't even know 

where to begin to search


That one survivor

surrounded by empty foundations

of buildings and homes

that were once filled

with laughter and love and life


You left me.


But that's the thing

I'm a survivor


In the distance,


I hear the winds 

make the leaves of a tree dance,


I hear the chirps of a lonely bird

whos song I recognize is not one

you'd hear in the wake of 

a good morning

but in the wake of a mourning


I close my eyes 

and I realize 


That even though this war

has left dust in the air,

the air is still clean enough 

for my lungs to inhale 

and keep me alive


You left me.


I'm laying next to the garden 

we planted together


And I notice what an unexpected war

does to life


I'm alone now

and I think I'm the only flower

left to bloom