The sunflower on her own could only do so much

to reach her full potential

to share her gifts with the world


She knew


The sunflower knew how much she has to offer


When the honeybee came along, he helped her


He turned to her for sweetness

and only did the honeybee know how to properly approach her


The honeybee knew which seasons she was at her best

and which she was at her worst


He knew her & her ways

Her & her sunflower ways


Sunflowers aren't good at experiencing darkness

for they can only thrive under sunny days


The sunflower could easily get lost

but the sunflower can just as easily turn to the light


Turn to the light & spread its warm energies


He recognized her in her brightest of days 

by the way she stood tall toward the sun 


And was patient during her off season

because the honeybee understood 

the ways of nature


So he helped her


He captured her nectar, 

collected her pollen 


and pollinated the world with her sweetness 

(for only he knew how to do that)


The honeybee helped her beyond her roots

so her gifts can reach the world 

and the world can blossom from her beauty


And although all honeybees could approach all sunflowers

this one honeybee stuck to this one sunflower in particular


For both this honeybee and this sunflower

witnessed that, overtime, their symphony & their romance had produced more honey


, and had flourished more flowers,


than any other harmony found in nature.