Wanting to Love

She just wanted to love -

use the empty spaces around her bed as a dance floor,

stare at her lover like a masterpiece waiting to be painted on canvas,

play music that made her feel infinite like the night sky,

smile so often it awakens the spirits of others,

hug so gently it makes her lover want to cry tears of serenity,

laugh so freely it traps sadness in a bottle,

kiss so passionately her soul catches fire.

All she knows is love.


He wants to learn how to love her.

He feels unworthy of her beauty -

a beauty so unfamiliar to him.

He feels incapable of fulfilling the man he knows she deserves,

he wants to call all the love birds to sing to her every morning,

he enjoys watching her fill the empty spaces of a room with her dancing,

he questions himself when he watches her drift into her dreams,

he's never felt so determined to be a more loving human being.

He's going to learn how to love himself,

so he can properly love her.