She's a Sunflower

Quickly, she grew

on hard soil

but direct sunlight


She thrived in warm environments

where her spirit could bloom


The dry desert was all she knew

but she learned to adapt to the drought

to the dry, hot air


And because she learned

to adjust


to push boudaries of comfort


Others looked up to her

like she would always turn 

to look up to the sun

for energy


The sun gave her life

and made her happy


When she blossomed

bumblebees mistook her sweetness for pollen

birds related to her freedom


She was intelligent


and little did she know

how beautiful her simplicity was


All she would seek 

was the light

when others find it within her



Akin to the heart

and the soul

nobody could lift spirits like her


She basked vibrantly 


Like a sunflower