Loving you is magic.


For there is something so special

in knowing you a way nobody else does

in experiencing you a way nobody else gets to

in discovering you with the time nobody else is given


Being your safe haven

is something I do not take lightly

& your fragility is something I honor


Because deep down

I see me in you

& from learning to love myself 

I can properly love you


I see in you

a part of me 

& I see in me 

a part of you


A result that can only be created 

when two souls

become vulnerable to each other

& see the light


The same way

a sunflower is drawn to the sun


Loving you is magic.


For there is something so special

in seeing your canvas

& recognizing all the masterpiece

that you are

& knowing that there is so much

yet to be painted


While others may see a disaster

& you may see flaws 


All I see is a beautiful human being 

who's scars I want to kiss 

who's wounds I want to heal

& who's cracks I want to fill with my love


Have in me, the confidence to share

the universe flourishing inside of you

knowing that I'll enjoy getting lost

in the galaxies of your soul,

will find spectacles in every collision,

will gaze at all your brilliant moons,

& then you can feel the magic, too.