Life Coach Insider with Allynn Taylor

It started as a motivational text list in 2012, where subscribers (of which she now has over 500) would receive a positive quote and affirmation daily to now helping enlighten others as her full fledged career. Allynn Taylor, known for her Positivitea movement, is a certified life and career coach in Atlanta, GA. She helps her clients and students take control of their lives to get them where they want to be. She also teaches a course in transformation, which derives from the Stanford University's masters business program titled the Creative Insight Journey

She gives us a peek at the life coaching field and a few things she's learned along the way!

What exactly is life coaching? How do you go about coaching someone on their life?

I always tell my clients and students that the acronym Y.A.K. (you always know) lies within us. This means any answers, ideas, or “epiphanies” we seek can be accessed from within. Many of us do not know how to do that, so coaches are here to draw out those answers and help the client or student move forward towards the goal they wish to achieve.

The way I go about coaching is offering a free discovery session, where I get to know the potential client's needs, goals, and desires. From there we go over any questions or concerns they may have. If we both choose that we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll set up S.M.A.R.T. goals and work towards achieving them. Sometimes blocks may come up which may cause the client to shy away from what they truly want out of life, so I use my tools and techniques to help them move past the block and continue on their journey.

Why have you decided to take on a career where you primarily help others?

I believe we’re all put on Earth to serve other people in some type of way. When we take our natural gifts and talents and put them together to serve others, you feel fulfilled and valued. For me I have a natural talent where I can help inspire, motivate and help people discover their true authenticity. So it was only right to be a life coach.

Does it get exhausting? Taking on the emotions of others?

It doesn’t at all. I have taught myself to be there for my clients during their times of need, but to also separate my own feelings from the equation. It’s not about what I think or what I feel, it's about the client.

What have you realized about people and our society since becoming a life coach?

I’ve realized that we’re all out here trying to learn from our mistakes. We’re all trying to figure out which path to take, what choices to make, how to grow and progress as a person. I think it gets frustrating for some when they have no idea of what to do or how to go about it, but hey that's what I’m here for.

I’ve realized that we’re all out here trying to learn from our mistakes. We’re all trying to figure out which path to take, what choices to make, how to grow and progress as a person.
— Allynn Taylor

What the biggest dilemma (or most common stressor) you’ve found in your clients?

The biggest dilemma is fear. Fear is the number one because of people staying in their comfort zones and not wanting to change, grow or try something new.

Why are affirmations so important? They’re in your SipofPositivitea texts and now in your monthly newsletter.

Think of affirmations as the gym for your brain. You know how you first go in there and don't have the slightest clue on what to do? Then as you stay consistent, you start learning new things, trying new things, becoming stronger - that's exactly what affirmations do for your brain! We all know positive thoughts breeds positive results!

What are some few ways someone can become more mindful?

You can pick out one or three things from my newsletter that you liked the most about how to be mindful!

Have you seen a change in yourself from helping others? If so, what are they?

I have! I’ve gain tons of patience. I love the fact I’m on my clients and students time to change and not on my own time. It’s not about Allynn and I believe knowing that also gives me a sense of being more understanding and less selfish.

So you still have SipofPositivitea going, you just launched your newsletter, you have your coaching services, what else is in the works?

Oh J you know I love to be secretive about what I have going on next, but just know I’m looking to expand my brand in many ways. I want to be able to make a positive impact for others and I look forward to doing that as I continue to grow.

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