ScorpioMystique on Being the Most "Complicated" Sign of the Zodiac

Photo credit: Brianna,  Elaborate Image

Photo credit: Brianna, Elaborate Image

Influencer, entrepreneur, mother, student, model (to name a few) - Dossé-Via, also known as ScorpioMystique has influenced hundreds and thousands of Scorpios world-wide via web. What began as a hobby and passion for astrology flourished into a movement and awakening for many. After having created a Scorpio family that evolves together, Dossé-Via is currently in the midst of expanding her astrological services and knowledge to all twelve signs of the zodiac through Know the Zodiac.

She sat down with us a couple years ago when the blog first began for an in-depth interview of her journey and now she is with us again to give us some more insight on being a Scorpio and being ScorpioMystique.

Being ScorpioMystique, a Scorpio that is looked up to by many Scorpios, do you feel you have mastered being a Scorpio (the most “complicated” sign in the zodiac)? I feel like Scorpios are always trying to figure themselves out, discover and understand themselves.

Scorpio is the sign of evolution, so I feel like I’m always learning something new about what being a Scorpio means each day. Especially due to the fact that we have multiple levels of evolution and we transition between all three throughout our lives. I strive to be a Phoenix Scorpio, but I also love and appreciate the Scorpion and Eagle levels as well. Some people think that being a Scorpio means life’s one big challenge, but I view it as a constant adventure!

For all people (not just Scorpios), what’s your advice or wisdom on how someone can discover oneself?

I think human beings would benefit from just sitting in silence with ourselves for a few minutes (or longer) each day. We need to tune out the outside distractions and tune in to what our intuition is telling us. All the answers we seek already exist within ourselves. We have to learn to trust our hearts, and become more soul-centered. This takes patience, self-discipline, and a tremendous amount of self-love, but it’s so worth it. That’s also why I love to do Birth Chart Readings for clients -- it’s a blueprint of your personality and it shows you aspects of yourself you’ve known unconsciously, but may not have known how to unlock. Astrology is enlightening and it’s an amazing tool for self-discovery and self-improvement.

Some people think that being a Scorpio means life’s one big challenge, but I view it as a constant adventure!
— ScorpioMystique

Scorpios have the tendency to dwell on certain experiences and can sometimes be their own worst critic. What are some ways a Scorpio can overcome this? Or perhaps, what words of enlightenment would you give to these Scorps?

Scorpios need to celebrate their successes as much, if not more, as they tend to be self-critical. As Scorpios we are so powerful, ambitious, and dedicated, but we often are way too hard on ourselves. But once we understand that every day is a new opportunity to improve, we can be easier and kinder to ourselves. That will make life so much easier to navigate, and we’ll find that we attract so much more success and happiness with a positive mindset.

Could you share with us a personal experience you’ve undergone that led you to a dark place and how you overcame it? I think it’s sometimes very hard for us Scorpios to arise from these places unless we see light.

I’ve been deceived by friends, family and lovers in the past. As a Scorpio, I invest my all in my relationships, so it’s especially painful when I suffer deception, and it can lead to me shutting down and isolating myself from people. It was particularly hurtful when a family member hurt me, but it also taught me never to put anyone on a pedestal, and also to acknowledge that we are all flawed. Once I realized that, I focused my energy on being the best version of myself that I can possibly be. By doing so, I started attracting people who treated me with the respect I deserve.  

All the answers we seek already exist within ourselves. We have to learn to trust our hearts, and become more soul-centered.
— ScorpioMystique

What has been the most enlightening, pivotal moment of your life so far?

Having my Pisces daughter Nova this year, on March 3, 2016! She’s made me even more existential and spiritual than I was before. She has made me marvel at the beauty and magic of life. I’m constantly in awe of the fact that we’re human beings living in this incredible Universe. Nova’s also been a powerful motivator to keep growing my business. I want to offer her amazing opportunities, and I want to be a role model for her, showing her she can accomplish anything.

What are you afraid to lose?

My autonomy and independence. As I evolve, I’m becoming more comfortable asserting boundaries and owning my worth. But I do sometimes fear that situations outside of my control could turn that all around. But I try my best not to worry, because that doesn’t do any good.

Photo credit: Brianna,  Elaborate Image

Photo credit: Brianna, Elaborate Image

Kind of continuing on this topic for more perspective, what are the pitfalls and beauties of a Scorpio in darkness? Of a Scorpio in love?

Scorpios need to go through darkness to understand their light. And that’s where the beauty lies. We need to own our darkness, immerse ourselves in it, and realize that it is just as valuable and powerful as our light. At the same time, if we succumb to the darkness, it can overwhelm us and make us feel alone. That’s a potential pitfall. When it comes to being in love, the same extremes characterize us. We’re unable to be indifferent -- we either love fiercely, or hate fiercely. This can lead to us being easily influenced by our emotions and our lovers’ actions and words towards us. As we evolve, we can learn to love with non-attachment. We don’t have to possess or consume our lovers, but simply love them as they are, and vice-versa.

What have you learned from your personal relationship experiences? How have you dealt with the possessive and jealous traits of a Scorp?

I’ve learned that being overly suspicious or distrustful as a Scorpio often leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s okay to feel jealous or possessive, but it shouldn’t become a norm or our constant state of being, or else it’s extremely detrimental. It’s best for us to work out our own trust issues before we enter a relationship, or if we are in one already, we should engage in deep spiritual or psychological work to overcome such obstacles. Scorpios should make sure their partners are able to accept them at their darkest moments, and not judge them for their insecurities.

We need to own our darkness, immerse ourselves in it, and realize that it is just as valuable and powerful as our light.
— ScorpioMystique

Now that you have a daughter, what are some traits you’ve recognized you have or perspectives you’ve gained personally in becoming Scorpio mom?

My daughter is teaching me how to be patient and more flexible, which is very important traits for Scorpios to learn. She’s helping me connect with my inner child, and I’m starting to see the world through new eyes. I’ve also gotten more serious about certain “adulting” duties, such as getting life insurance and starting a retirement account. Now that I’m responsible for a human outside of myself, I feel determined to be the best woman I can be, for everyone’s sake.

How have you felt about being the creator of such a community of Scorps? You have helped so many Scorpios understand and love themselves, as you did me. Has it changed your own life? If so, how?

It’s pretty surreal to know that what started off as a hobby grew into a community of hundreds of thousands of Scorpios around the world. I’m humbled that this has become part of my life’s mission. It has completely transformed my life. I love being an entrepreneur, and I feel blessed to share my passion with so many Scorpios. I am always blown away by how grateful all of the Scorpios are for the work I do, and that’s what keeps me going. It feels amazing knowing that my work helps people better understand and love themselves, just like it helps me. We’ve gone through so much together and will continue to. I’m excited to keep growing and evolving together.

Scorpios and success. It seems to me like we can make great leaders, we all really have that natural umf to shake the world and be of influence. What’s your take on a Scorpio’s potential?

Scorpio’s potential is infinite, and it’s pretty mind-blowing! More Scorpios have been U.S. Presidents than any other sign (we’re tied with Aquarius), for example. We just have to learn to be our own best friends and not our own worst enemies. We sometimes fear our own success, and we can self-sabotage, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. As the sign of transformation, Scorpios were born to be change-makers, leaders, gurus, healers, etc… The key is for Scorpio to do what they love, and the influence and power will often follow suit.

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