On Being a Little More Graceful

1. Smoothness and elegance of movement
2. Courteous good will; An attractively polite manner of behaving
— Oxford Dictionary

Imagine living life with grace - the way you handle situations, the way you interact with others and with yourself. It looks beautiful, doesn't it? Here are a few characteristics of a person who lives life just a little more gracefully. 

Respond rather than React

When you react to something, you are exerting energy from whatever it is that you feel at that very moment. When you respond, you give yourself a moment to reflect on the situation. We have all had those moments where we wish we thought it through before having had acted on it immediately.


You are living in the moment and you have a heightened awareness of your surroundings. When you work, you know what you personally need to be productive. When you exercise, you listen to your body as you do so. When you are holding a conversation, you give that conversation your full attention. Everywhere you go, you are in tune with the energy that surrounds you. You are mindful of others and you are mindful of yourself. All your actions align with your intentions and there is a touch of empathy in all that you do. 


You love yourself and that confidence shines through in all you do. People can feel your love just in your understanding of self. You know what your needs are and you cater to them. You are honest with yourself and in doing that you are honest to others. You arise from negativity because you love yourself so much, you want to live a life full of light and of love.


Giving is like a second-nature to you. You get joy out of giving and feel fulfilled from acts of kindness. Your self-love makes you kind to yourself and your mindfulness makes you kind to others. You ponder on ways you can give back to your community and your intentions are pure. Simply said - being kind makes you happy, so you embody it. 

Learning from Mistakes

If you are not dedicating this lifetime on meditating inside a temple (even then), you are more than likely still working on reacting a little less, loving a little more, being more mindful and are making mistakes. In the end, we are human and we all self-develop differently. But you know what's pretty graceful? The awareness of making the mistake itself. Making mistakes and learning from them. You don't make a mistake, realize it's a mistake, and then keep doing it. You are aware that a mistake was made and choose to grow from it.