Catching Up with Young One Era

Young One Era is a Tucson, AZ artist that emerged as a gem. He came and went, leaving us (Tucson) with a dope project to sit on patiently, eager for the next. Recently moving to Los Angeles to further his career and explore a new environment, Era catches up with us by giving us some deets on what he's witnessed in the midst of changes and what is currently in the works.

In the meanwhile, Era dropped a single today for a taste of his (somewhat) new sound. Listen to it here, on iTunes.

How are you involved with the Los Angeles music industry?

Currently studying the scene and adjusting accordingly. It's a whole new ball park but I am currently writing songs for other artists that can't necessarily be discussed until further updates. Just starting off here and taking small steps.

What have you learned about the industry since being out in LA?

It's a fast paced, constantly changing industry. It is definitely not for everyone. Your patience is tested and if you don't truly have the passion for this you will hate every second of it. I've also learned that aside from amazing talent, connections and impressions are the best way to get places. It's all about who's watching.

Tucson has a hip hop scene that definitely sticks out. It’s cultured.
— Young One Era

Now that you've experienced both the Tucson and LA Hip Hop communities, what about the Tucson Hip Hop community does LA not have?

I think Tucson offers a more comfortable environment of hardcore fans who will ride with you regardless of what happens in your career. 'Till this day, I have fans I've never met contact me about how they listen to my music daily - sometimes songs I haven't heard myself in years. Over all Tucson is my home and I will always feel this way. Tucson has a hip hop scene that definitely sticks out. It's cultured.

How about vice versa? What do you find in LA that you can't find in Tucson?

Opportunity. So much opportunity if you just go look for it. After all this is LA, the entertainment capital. I do believe that you can make your own opportunity from wherever you are but within just the short time I've been here I've had more opportunity than I've had my entire life.

Not too many people give themselves credit for what they put themselves through.
— Young One Era

How have you evolved as an artist over the last couple of years?

Going through life, experiencing the journey. From attending audio engineering school to be self sufficient to recently being around industry giants such as Post Malone, lorde, Quavo, Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes and more. Just being in the same room you pick up on how to create melodies more efficiently and work flow. I've learned so many new things that have helped me with my own music from the engineering aspect to the structure of my songs. I've learned a new level of quality to expect of myself.

What three people or things motivate you to pursue the music industry?

My mother, first and foremost, for the simple fact that she has stood by my side regardless of my decisions. She puts my happiness before the expectations society has set for schooling and let me pave my own way. My grandmother for constantly believing in me and always being a phone call away for the good or bad news. And myself! Not too many people give themselves credit for what they put themselves through. I remain patient and I work my ass off and for that I continue to inspire myself to do better. As a fourth inspiration, I would consider every single person who has ever supported me in any way. You guys made me and hold me down when it seems like things are rough.

What are you currently working on? New project coming out soon? And what can we expect from it?

I have been working on my latest project for over a year now. I am officially done with it and am hoping to drop it within the next few months. This will definitely be a change in sound and I believe that this EP is a great representation of what my life has been this past year. You can expect the classic Era sound along with a new wave. I'm extremely excited for this to drop. I know I've been quiet but that will all be over soon. Like I mentioned earlier, I've set a whole new standard for my music and I think it will be heard.