Three Podcasts I (Currently) Can't Get Enough Of

Podcasts became the new wave of "must add to your list of hobbies" a while ago and I barely joined the wave. I remember stumbling upon on an article about what podcasts the "woman entrepreneur" should subscribe to and that's where I started. I browsed and browsed (I'm exaggerating), and stuck to these three podcasts. I'm subscribed to more than three but in reality, I only have time for these. As much as I'd love to listen to podcasts ALL day (because they're so darn inspiring), I can't. 

I typically find myself listening to podcasts in the morning while I am cooking breakfast and while I am driving. It's perfect! Makes me feel like I am being extra productive with my time. 

I'm positive there are other amazing podcasts I have yet to discover and when I do I'll be writing another post like this to share them with you but for now, check these out! 

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

If you love listening to interviews with not just extraordinary people who are killing the game but women who are killing the game, this is totally for you! Sophia Amoruso (a girlboss herself) is the founder of Nasty Gal, the author of #Girlboss (a New York Times bestseller that I just got in the mail), and the host of this extremely dope podcast! She interviews women who are making their mark in their field and extracts advice, lessons and stories from their journey.

I always feel so inspired after listening to this podcast!

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Being Boss

"A Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs," this is hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. Both of them with experience and expertise in branding and coaching small online businesses, they'll discuss topics of that matter! You'll get advice and tips (and no BS) in creating a business you love, making money, and being yourself in the midst of all that. You'll pretty much learn how to be more of a boss both at work and in life! 

After listening to any episode of this podcast, I feel like I just soaked up some exclusive knowledge that I can apply to my own current (and future) business ventures.

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Good Life Project

By Jonathan Fields, the Good Life Project is a podcast with unfiltered, inspirational conversations and stories with both everyday people and iconic ones. All of them touch base with finding meaning, happiness, purpose, success, love, creativity, confidence and motivation in life! 

Each episode of this podcast makes me feel like I gained a whole new perspective of life. In a great, great way! 

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Are you on the "podcast listener" wagon? I'd love to know what podcast(s) you listen to! Please share in the comments section below.