Don't Know What's Coming But I'm Hoping It's A Little Something Like This



If you read my last post, you know that 2015 was on both ends of the emotional spectrum. It was incredible and it was horrible. But that has been said and done and now the new year has commenced! 

Although I believe that nobody should wait for the new year to start anew (if you really want to change something, do it now!), I admit that there's just something so refreshing about January 1st. Like a breath of fresh air. Like a gust of new winds. Like a clean slate. 

Get busy doing things you love and your destiny will find you.

I'm really only focused on love (+ mindfulness). 

I've entered this new year with the knowledge that love heals, creates, inspires, and attracts (good vibes, opportunity and light). And the slightest dim in your light can make way for negativity.

Everything that I get myself involved in, I want to make sure I love it! If I don't love it, or if it doesn't make me feel good, it'll be eliminated from my space. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Your space is so sacred. And you should always take the time reflect + realize + renew the energies you keep around you. Like this one amazing woman who I follow on Instagram, Lalah Delia, always quotes - "Vibrate Higher Daily."

From what I witnessed first hand last year, when I was attuned to my soul and in harmony with the universe, everything was so lovely! My radiant aura conspired so much beauty in my life. And I already feel myself back on that path.

Even through my writing can I notice my state of being. 

The steps to this journey are simple too, honestly, though it does take awareness. I really like this quote that says: "get busy doing things you love and your destiny will find you."

So that I shall do this year. Just fill it with things I love to do! More spontaneous travel (& more planned travel), ideas to be brought to life and projects to be commenced (super excited for), more hugs and an understanding ear, more cooking + baking, more interviewing and sharing stories, more dates with nature... you get the idea!

Of course I do have some basic (but essential) resolutions like: drink more water, stretch more often, and meditate + journal + read daily.

I really don't have any expectations for the "outcome" (I guess you could say) of this year. I've learned that it is best not to have any. All I know is that with goals, hard work and kindness amazing things happen. So I'm hoping it's a little something like that! 

Happy journeying. :)