Three Female Vocals That'll Make You Melt

Daniela Andrade

Cover after cover after cover, Daniela Andrade makes you float across a thousand skies of acoustic heaven. Listen to one of her covers and you'll catch yourself wanting to listen to all the others. 

Her song renditions are so lovely. Some songs even sound better with her behind the microphone. You drift off in her melody and end up falling in love with her remixes. 

Daniela Andrade's vocals are angelic, soft, and inspiring. 



From Melbourne, Austrailia, Fatai's vocal talent is significantly growing her fan base. She has a voice box like no other.

I stumbled upon her "Chandelier" cover by Sia and it was all I needed to hear to be gravitated towards her singing.  

With such a unique voice and a beautiful ability to hit a diverse range of pitches, this twenty year old has a promising future in the industry. Currently signed to Mercury Records at Universal Music Australia, Fatai's dream is "to one day bring hope and change through the supernatural power of music."


Ariana DeBoo

I really don't understand why Ariana DeBoo has only uploaded two videos. 

After listening to her J. Cole rendition of "Apparently," I was eager to see what other covers she could come up with! It was cleverly remixed and beautifully sung. 

DeBoo has this authentic feel to her voice and her delivery is passionate. I'm looking forward to her next cover, whenever that may be!