Injury Reserve Hungry

When I first heard Injury Reserve and, at the time, they only had three music videos (for "Black Sheep," "How Bout You," and "Groundhog Day"), I couldn't help but be hungry for more. 

Since the first time I heard the unique, fun sounds of the Hip Hop trio, I had been looking forward to seeing what other projects they'd be feeding us. They're like a bowl of cereal at 3 a.m. (a craving).

Bet you can’t name a crew
who’s hotta,
Injury Reserve
but really
we’re startas
— "Everybody Knows," Injury Reserve

I'm convinced, actually, I know they're the dopest Hip Hop trio in Arizona (and to my knowledge, haven't heard of a doper trio, period). I always thought of them as an almost modern, tweaked De La Soul. 

Since the last three videos I mentioned, I anticipated impatiently for their next artistic drop, whether that may have been simply audio or a visual or a sneak peek Tweet for all I cared. But what's so awesome about Injury Reserve is that if they drop a single, they drop the music video for it too (99% of the time). 

Must I add, their visual collaborations with Vibes N' Stuff have never failed to impress. They're intelligent, thematic, professionally filmed and different. Vibes N' Stuff just understands Injury Reserve and it's clearly shown.  

In June of 2014, their first project was released, "Cooler Colors." It's jazzy, it's snazzy, somewhat funky and I dug it deeply. Featuring the tracks of their first three music videos, it consisted of seven tracks - seven tracks of me feeling like I took a ride on an elevator that ended up being a time machine back to old school vibin' Hip Hop.

The music video for "Whatever Dude" was so clever, (released after "How 'Bout You"), and the Snapchat theme was beautifully executed. 

This track was Injury Reserve's fun way of saying they don't give a f*ck. They're confident in their work, they're confident in their path to success, anything anybody else has to say is whatever... dude. 

Three months later, "Washed Up," dropped.  Now this number is one I find myself pressing replay to again and again. The song is "Washed Up" and the video is just as washed up. It's dark, melancholic, and slow - but it works. 

Shortly after, "Everybody Knows," dropped (and by shortly after I mean one month later). 

A techy, robotic beat and an interestingly filmed visual, Injury Reserve clearly felt like they had something to show and say to the public with yet another track displaying their artistic confidence.

Been there, done that, same ol' sh*t attitude. 

Their most recent music video, "ttktv," dropped alongside their new project and it's one of those visuals you want to watch a few times to try to grasp the concept. 

11 tracks, 4 visuals, and a mouth covered in gold, Live From The Dentist Office was released the 20th of July, 2015 and I feel like my hunger is satisfied... for now.

From boom bap to alternative, upbeat to mellow, fun to unfukwitable, Injury Reserve is definitely a trifecta of style, delivery and flow that you should be hungry for.