Code Green

Providence, Rhode Island hip hop trio, Code Green, has been putting in work as a collective since 2009 and now, with their recently dropped visual for their catchy single "Too Silly,"  fans and new listeners catch onto the CG wave.

Their vibrant, colorful and scenic music video premiered on February 2, 2015.

As a fan of Code Green myself, JRecognize linked up with ER, Evo and Nesi (the CG trio) for a short yet informative interview that took place on The Gold Factory radio show regarding "Too Silly" and what fans should be on the look out for, among other things.

We’ve been working underground for a while now just trying to get our shit right. Just so it’s like... once we come, we come hard.
— Code Green

Musical chemistry for the trio was found back in their high school days and as they continued to have fun with their style, Code Green has had the diligence to develop their sound before releasing any material to the public. "We've been working underground for a while now just trying to get our shit right. Just so it's like... once we come, we come hard," said Code Green.

Influences for the trio come from an array of different genres and musical styles. From alternative to R&B and Michael Jackson to Max B, Code Green appreciates good music with a fresh sound. "Just crazy sounding shit that can just open up my mind to new things," as they described it.

They don't label or perceive themselves as strictly East Coast artists, as they believe that the East Coast versus West Coast Hip Hop history is a thing of the past. Avoiding the regional barriers, Code Green's sound goes beyond the Providence and is relatable to Hip Hop listeners who have an ear for various Hip Hop styles.  "We just make songs that we would like to listen to," they said, adding that they do have down south bounce that rides, storytelling and palm tree vibes. 

Young Thug's flow is currently a heavy influence, alongside Future. Thugger is an artist they're eager to collaborate with.

The hip hop scene in Rhode Island is very much present and with Boston emerging not too far away, Code Green said that they've been grinding hand in hand. "It's all love between us. We all know where everybody stands and we all know each other," said Code Green. 

"At the end of the day, what's competition," they said, "Obviously, we're all competing in this field but it's like everybody got their own lane and there's enough room for everybody to do their own thing."

Unexpectedly, "Too Silly" acclaimed house party playlist fame so the trio decided it was time to not only give it a visual but create their first music video, which was directed by John Greene. "If you think about it, a lot of things can be too silly," they said, "Your outlook on certain things or your opinion on something."

All these different types of vibes that you can catch but it works cohesively.
— Code Green

Within the next month, Code Green is set out to provide the listeners with more than just "Too Silly." Having revisited a current project multiple times that has been in the works, they are focused on making it fresh and adding new things before they make any official announcements. "There's a lot of different flavors," they described, "It's like a color wheel. All these different colors. All these different types of vibes that you can catch but it works cohesively." 

Make sure you stay on the look out for Code Green's upcoming project release and if you want to stay posted on all things Code Green, click on one of the buttons below.