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People ask me how I find these inspirational people and you know... I just have my eyes open and stumble upon them! These people are all around us. I was scrolling through Instagram, you know the usual, and I see a post about free workouts and paying it forward, so I decided to do a little stalking and found myself here, writing about Beast Fit Nation™ and sharing it with you. 

The Beast Fit Co-CEO/ Trainer for Tucson/Phoenix, AZ - Lyle Brown

Free workout for the community, all we ask for is three random acts of kindness.
— Lyle Brown

Born in Texas, lived in Mississippi and Colorado, Lyle Brown is one of the fitness trainers for the non-profit Beast Fit Nation™. With a full ride scholarship for the University of Arizona, this graduate began looking for another route, something new! One year later he became a part of Beast Fit through his friend in Portland Sergio Jones (the founder of Beast Fit Nation™). Lyle met Sergio from a friend while in school back in Montana.  He was always known for giving good workouts and was always good at leading. As they spent more time together, Lyle looked up to him, becoming a big brother figure.

Beast Fit Nation™ kept (keeps) progressing, getting bigger and bigger. Putting their minds together,  both Sergio and Lyle had (have) good visions and ideas for it. It has been around for about three years and Lyle has been doing it for almost a year and a half. 

We like to create beast athletes.
— Lyle Brown

They won't just have anybody train others. They seek someone with good influence. Someone who represents the entirety of Beast Fit Nation™. This ensures the members to not only have a beast workout but also leave feeling good about themselves and inspired to help others in the community!

We like to workout, we like to help the community. It helps the community feel more positive and it makes a difference.
— Lyle Brown

Sometimes Beast Fit Tucson will have 2 people, sometimes it will have 20 people in attendance. But nevertheless, Lyle is always there giving his 100%. Trying to bring the pay it forward concept, they're incorporating their passion for fitness and being kind.

No, they will not be tracking you down making sure you do three random acts of kindness, it's all about integrity. Sometimes Beast Fit will have group sessions, where they do stuff together, organize something. The planning behind workouts occurs the morning of for Lyle by deciding which muscle groups he would like to hit. He likes to provide full body workouts each session. Also, keeping in mind if any of the members have any personal goals. He alternates the times according to the sunset, which is usually around 5-7 pm here in Arizona. They enjoy watching the sunset while working out with the music playing. "It feels good to make an impact," he mentions, "I've met so many people."

What does the future hold for Beast Fit Nation™? 

"Our goal is to be in every city in the US. We teamed up with WakeUpNow, giving us a financial advantage. It is hard to expand without money. With more network, we have more connections by bringing the WakeUpNow family and the Beast Fit family. We want to make an impact everywhere. As it keeps growing we want to open up our own gym, giving free workouts. The goal is to change the status-quo of the fitness industry. Provide a moral obligation instead of financial obligation. Being able to stay fit without having to worry about money." 

What does fitness and being kind mean to Lyle?

Good things will come to you in return. I like the whole aspect of it.
— Lyle Brown

"Fitness can be bigger than it is. It means staying healthy. Fitness is a big part of life," explains Lyle. "Kindness is to be able to do stuff out of the ordinary. Not always just thinking of yourself, but bettering someone else."

Beast Fit Arizona is currently postponed until June 4th. There will be more music, a bigger boombox, more equipment, and Beast Fit gear. Every year Beast Fit Nation™ sits back, reflects and comes back two to three weeks later. Building from bottom up, one step at a time. Stay tuned for documentary videos filmed by Jonathan Martin, founder of Black Socks Production,  with the Wake Up Now movement through out summer!

Lyle's most valuable/biggest lesson learned:

"Giving back, how much of a difference it makes. How you can help people, not be so selfish in certain situations." 

No excuses! Free workouts held by Lyle Brown at Himmel Park in Tucson, AZ! 
Pay it forward with three random acts of kindness instead of paying a membership fee.



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