A Piece of My Life, A Piece of Advice.

So I find myself here. 

My two week anniversary of my summer in the city of Los Angeles. That's right, the city of dreams. You know. It's so true. Seems like everybody here is here to be somebody else. I've met what seems like ordinary people, until they introduce themselves as actors and producers. I never hear any of this back home (Arizona). Although, if everybody is an actor... how do you stand out? I mean really. 

I, on the other end of the stick, am none of the above. BUT I am an intern. Could you say that I am also an individual in this big city trying to be somebody else? Well, maybe.

If you have read my previous personal blog "#FeelGood14" you would know that one of my feel good goals for this year is to obtain a good internship. Well MOMMA I MADE IT! lol. Just kidding. Not quite just yet. But I did do just that. Which I am extremely happy about. Not only did I knock off one thing on my list but I also can check off two others: meet people and be more in tune with music.

So what's my story?

A little over two months ago, I applied for a pretty big internship. When I found out they were interested in doing a Skype interview with me, I was ecstatic. I felt like I did great and I left a good impression, up until I didn't hear from them. My mind was set that I didn't get it so on my first day of summer vacation I went full throttle in planning out a productive summer. I started to feel a certain emptiness, a void. See. I'm one of those people that love being on the go, I don't feel the need for a summer vacation. I yearn for constant progression and work experience. As soon as I started feeling like I'd just end up taking some summer courses and open my availability at my part-time job... I received an e-mail. 

I got offered to be an intern for their summer program. 

I had less two weeks to figure out whether or not I would actually be able to make it out here in LA. Where I was going to stay, who was going to sublease my apartment, if my car would make the drive and let alone if I had enough money. 

This is where "A Piece of My Life, A Piece of Advice" comes in. 

How in the world could I turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity? I was given a purpose to be in one of the largest cities in the world. So I decided to just accept the offer and figure the rest out with time. 

I am currently debating on whether or not to transfer over to the same restaurant I work for back home, asking myself if I have enough money. Come July, I will be sleeping on an air mattress for the remainder of my time here. I am living off of leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches. So it's safe to say I'm in a bit of a struggle. Should I be scared... maybe. But I'm not, you know why? Because I finally discovered what it is that I love doing! Incorporating my passions for writing and music. I wouldn't have found that if I played it safe and rejected the offer.

So what's my advice? Take risks and never pass out on opportunity. 

I did the same thing when I studied abroad in Paris last summer. I definitely did not have enough money, but I still made it happen. By the end of my trip, all I was eating was crepes. Who can complain though? Every morning on my way to work and every evening on my way back home, I drive down what has to be, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful drives, Sunset Blvd. 

So I find myself here.

I may run out of money. I may not have a bed. I may not have much food. But I have something grand in the palm of my hands, a blossoming dream. All thanks to fearlessness and taking risks, I can say I have lived in two of the biggest cities in the world (and I'm not talking about size).