If you have been rocking with me since day one, you probably read my resolutions for 2014 in my blog post titled "#FeelGood14," (or have seen me use that hashtag in my Instagram posts). 

All my resolutions for the year revolved around simply feeling good, as they will for 2015 too. Feeling good in all that I do, say and believe. 

I never really was one to write all my resolutions down as to where it'd be a post but seeing how successful #FeelGood14 was for me, I'm looking forward to sharing #FeelGood15 with you (and invite you to join me in using such a clever title over "New Years Resolutions").

What makes resolutions successful, in my opinion, is staying true to yourself and being realistic. Instead of saying you're going to "get fit," how about you just start by saying you'll stop drinking so much soda or you'll walk the dog around the block every weekend. 

One of my friends wrote a different resolution (or goal) for each month of 2014, like no alcohol in the month of April. I thought that was so clever! 

So here is my #FeelGood15 and whenever I post something on social media that relates to any part of it, I will be using that hashtag.

  • Stretch everyday. You know when you first wake up and you do that morning stretch in your bed? And it feels so good! Why don't we do it more often? Stretching feels great and I've always wanted to be more flexible. Simple enough.
  • Follow my "personal legend". If you have read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist then you'll understand what a personal legend is. If you have not, I suggest you add that book to your list of "Must Read". In a much less intriguing explanation, a personal legend is one's destiny. How am I going to follow my destiny you may ask? Well, with the guidance of my heart and happiness.

  • Be less distracted. Honestly, sometimes I catch myself spending too much time on social media. I had this problem with Facebook long ago. I deleted my Snapchat and I feel much better. I like my privacy. No need for the public to know all that I do. So I vow to use social media as a treat rather than a part of my schedule.

  • Stay hydrated in mind, body and soul. My mind will be hydrated by reading more books. I hadn't been captivated by books since the Magic Tree House series when I was younger. When I ended a poisonous relationship two years ago I started reading books about relationships and love. My sister recommended The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of my favorite books to this day. I then got into self-help books and went from there. I'm excited to read more. My body will be hydrated by continuing to eat healthy, eat good and remaining active. I vow to drink more water. Taking care of your own body the way it naturally takes care of you is true self love. My soul will be fed through music and love. Music moves me in ways that I cannot even begin to explain and love... well, love is love.
  • Be fearless. I finish my college career and obtain my B.A. in May of 2015, I can admit I am a little scared. That is why I want to focus on not having fear of the unknown. I want to embrace all the change that will come in the new year and enter new worlds courageously and confidently.
  • Focus on progression. There is no looking back, no time to waste, no giving up or giving out. I want to feel accomplished in everything I set my eyes on and continue to make headway. Tunnel vision to my goals and no comparing myself to others. I want to continue reflecting on each year and be able to say, "I've come a long way."
  • Create as much as possible. I am a creator of many sorts. I want to write, rhyme, publish, love, build and produce as much as I can with my own two hands! I love creating. In 2014, I created this website. In 2015, I want to continue working towards creating my empire!
  • Be in front of the camera more. Since I was little I always said I'd like to have a career where I could be in front of the camera, yet I've never actually really been in front of the camera. It's time to give it try and actually find out whether or not I'm passionate about it.
  • FEEL. I want everything I touch to feel my soul and in order to do so, I must feel it. I want to truly and completely feel all that I am involved in this year and every year following. From the food that I eat to the squats I squat, from the words I write to the confessions I listen to, from the art I create to the hugs I give - everything.
  • Handwrite a book. Inspired by Alexandra Elle and the positive feedback from my fellow peers, I have decided that I want to handwrite a book, pass it along to people and see where it goes from there. I don't want to spill too many of the beans but let's just say it's going to involve a lot of my own perspective, my own poetry and lots of quotes written by me. A lot of people have come to me for advice and positivity and I, also, am told by people that they enjoy reading what I write on Instagram, so, might as well put something together.

What's your #FeelGood15? I invite you to use the hashtag in all that you post in social media that contributes to you feeling good this year.

Happy journeying!